Prime Time BG Winter 2022


Gerry Tansey, Grandmaster Class 1, the world’s #4 and top U.S.  BMAB player, graces our cover. We feature analysis of his  Denver Masters final match against Ed O’Laughlin, who won the 2021 ABT championship. We recap the 2021 ABT results,  noting that Ray Fogerlund, one of the Tour’s foremost stars, has taken the lead in […]

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Prime Time BG Fall 2021

PrimeTime Backgammon magazine Fall 2021 Cover

Grandmaster Dmitriy Obukhov appears on our cover this month. He is the principal author of a detailed piece about the Backgammon Masters Awarding Body (BMAB), the well-known organization that assesses skill and awards titles. He has been deeply involved in BMAB since its beginning, and Bob Stoller interviews him in depth as part of the […]

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Prime Time BG Summer 2021


On our cover: Karen Davis! She is our newest inductee to the American Backgammon Hall of Fame. Her impressive achievements, as a tournament organizer and competitor as well as on behalf of the Federation, are reprised. Marty Storer analyzes 21 positions from her winning match against Ray Fogerlund from this year’s U.S. Open, in which […]

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Prime Time BG Spring 2021


NOTE REGARDING THE PRINT ISSUE OF PrimeTime: Problems within the U.S. Postal Service will affect delivery times. Subscribers may not receive their print copies for several weeks. Delivery times may vary. Our Spring 2021 issue features the marathon 2020 Ultimate Backgammon Championship final, played in January: Mochy Mochizuki (perennial Giant of Backgammon #1) vs. relative newcomer Hideaki […]

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Winter 2021 Issue, PrimeTime Backgammon

Winter 2021 Issue, PrimeTime Backgammon What an issue! The headline topic is the 2020 ABT Online! tour. Art Benjamin is the champion! His photo adorns our cover, and Karen Davis has a profile of our genial genius. There’s also an analysis of positions from his USBGF Summer Finale final against ABT Online! runner-up Brian Lonergan. […]

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PrimeTime BG Summer 2020


PrimeTime BG Summer 2020 Much of our Summer issue is devoted to online tournaments, after cancellation of this year’s live ABT. John O’Hagan, #9 Giant for 2019, graces the cover, in honor of his Local Club Initiative Online Tournament win over Denver’s Charlie Raichle. Check out Marty Storer’s analysis of their final match. We cover […]

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PrimeTime BG Spring 2020


The Spring issue is our first after the untimely death in February of the great Falafel. He is memorialized with a cover photo, as well as reminiscences from friends and over-the-board rivals: Jake Jacobs, Michihito Kageyama, Arkadiy Tsinis, and Bob Wachtel. His warm heart and friendship, not to mention his first-rate play and commentary, will […]

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PrimeTime BG Winter 2020


Our Winter issue features 2019 ABT Champion Frank Raposa, two ways: with a fine cover photo, and an article by Karen Davis and Marty Storer, not only recapping the Michigan tournament but also featuring Frank’s play as the winner over finalist Phil Simborg. The other feature articles are also intriguing: Bill Riles recaps November’s Cyprus […]

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PrimeTime BG Fall 2019


Our current issue has some of everything. Our feature articles are led by Bill Riles’s deep, entertaining, and detailed story of Jonah Seewald’s roller-coaster ride to victory this year in San Antonio. Wilcox Snellings returns to our pages to recap the Monte Carlo World Championship: his experiences and reminiscences, plus fantastic analysis of positions from […]

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PrimeTime BG Summer 2019


The Summer issue makes for great warm-weather reading! We all want to know where the action is and who has been winning. And who better to provide those vital updates but our road-warrior President and Executive Director, Karen Davis? Just back from the 4th Merit Open Grand Prix and World Team Championships in the tiny […]

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PrimeTime BG Spring 2019


The Spring issue is chock full of fine content. We have interviews: Steve Sax, the great and popular player recently inducted into the Backgammon Hall of Fame at the Texas Championships, tells us of his life and times with the help of our historian Bob Stoller. Bob also interviews our latest corporate sponsor, Gammon Guys: […]

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PrimeTime BG Winter 2019


Our Winter issue is one of our very best. We have great feature articles: a brilliant analysis of the 2018 Michi­gan Masters final (Mamlet vs. O’Laughlin) from top players, theoreticians, and authors Nack Ballard and Paul Weaver; an interview of Tournament of Champions winner Adam Prager (by Karen Davis) along with analysis of his final […]

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PrimeTime BG Fall 2018


Fall 2018 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Managing Editor Our Fall issue is loaded with great content. It recaps the Michigan Summer Championships (by Managing Editor Marty Storer, including analysis of the Talbot-Woolsey BMAB tournament final), and the 43rd Backgammon World Championship (by World Championship staff member, PrimeTime publisher, and USBGF Board member […]

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PrimeTime BG Summer 2018


Summer 2018 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Managing Editor This issue, like our last, celebrates the great Paul Magriel. In her President’s column, entitled “Lessons from Magriel,” Karen Davis writes of her long acquaintance with him as his competitor and his student. She shares valuable tips from lessons taken in 1994-95. As if […]

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PrimeTime BG Spring 2018


Spring 2018 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Managing Editor In this issue we celebrate Paul Magriel, backgammon’s great pioneer, who died untimely on March 5 to our bitter loss. Besides many photos, tributes, and reminiscences, we have a recap of his life and times from USBGF Historian Bob Stoller. Our Summer issue will […]

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PrimeTime BG Winter 2018


Winter 2018 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Managing Editor In this issue we look back on 2017, and turn an eye to the future. One of last year’s biggest events was the 5th Merit Open International, held in Cyprus in November. Blake Fleetwood’s article showcases that mega-tourney, and the big win by Chicago’s […]

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PrimeTime BG Fall 2017


Summer 2017 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Deputy Managing Editor We have some great content to share with you in this issue. Joe Russell, Chairman of the USBGF Board of Directors, kicks it off with an explanation of the Federation’s newly ratified 2018 Tournament Rules. Then President Karen Davis presents the USBGF’s current […]

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PrimeTime BG Summer 2017


Summer 2017 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Deputy Managing Editor Three new American Backgammon Tour (ABT) tournaments kicked off in the first half of 2017: (1) the Boston Open in February; (2) the Viking Classic in Bloomington, Minnesota in March; and (3) the Cherry Blossom Championship in Dulles, Virginia (Washington, D.C. area) in […]

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PrimeTime BG Spring 2017


Spring 2017 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Marty Storer, Deputy Managing Editor The induction of new members into he American Backgammon Hall of Fame is one of those events that our community looks forward to and enjoys. We are pleased, in this Spring issue of the magazine, to offer a transcript of the speeches made […]

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PrimeTime BG Winter 2017


Winter 2017 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor The biggest tournament of 2016 was the 4th Merit Open in Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus – with almost 500 entrants. The Merit had it all – high stakes events, added sponsorship money, a beautiful locale, 24/7 service and hospitality, parties and other festivities galore […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon Fall 2016


Fall 2016 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor The high point of the backgammon year is always the World Championships in Monte Carlo – and this year’s finale, pitting Sweden’s two-time World Champion Jörgen Granstedt against the USA’s own former World Champion Joe Russell, was a thriller. A member of the World […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon Summer


Summer 2016 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor Looking for beach reading? Take along the summer PrimeTime Backgammon! With our shift to quarterly publication, this issue is filled with even more great tournament reports, player profiles, news, and analytic articles designed to take your game to the next level. We kick off […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Mar-Jun


March – June Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor Just a few months into 2016, we barely have enough space in this issue to cover the burgeoning action on the U.S. backgammon scene. The first tournament of the year, the New York Metropolitan Open in January, was grander than ever, with ten […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Jan-Feb


January – February Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor Wishing the whole backgammon community a happy new year, we kick off 2016’s first issue of PrimeTime Backgammon by announcing the induction of four new members to the American Backgammon Hall of Fame. The ceremony honoring these backgammon greats took place at the […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Nov-Dec


November-December 2015 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor Halloween trick or treat is just behind us, but we’ve saved the real treat for this issue of PrimeTime Backgammon with an in-depth analysis of Marty Storer’s march to victory in Michigan — by none other than our USBGF Editor for Annotated Matches, Marty […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Sept-Oct


September-October 2015 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor The September-October 2015 issue of PrimeTime Backgammon is now available. We apologize that its release is somewhat behind schedule, but we hope that you will agree it is well worth the wait. It includes coverage of one of the most elegant, luxurious events in […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, July-Aug


July-August 2015 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor Joe Russell, fresh from victories at the U.S. Open and the Atlanta Masters Jackpot, appears on the cover of our August 2015 issue. A spectacularly successful competitor, Joe won the World Championship (Monte Carlo) in 1989 and has consistently scored ABT titles over the […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, May-June


May-June 2015 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor Saba Bejanishvili, the recent Atlanta Spring Classic champion, graces the cover of the May-June 2015 issue of PrimeTime Backgammon. Saba grew up in the Republic of Georgia, and came to the U.S. to study neurology at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Mar-Apr


March-Apil 2015 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor We’re delighted with the positive response we’ve gotten to the USBGF bi-monthly PrimeTime Backgammon magazine. The electronic issue of the magazine is now available to all Premium and Youth members without charge. The print edition, at $25 a copy plus shipping, is increasingly in […]

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PrimeTime Backgammon, Jan-Feb


January-February 2015 Issue of PrimeTime Backgammon By Karen Davis, Managing Editor A special treat is in store for our readers. This issue features the inaugural American Backgammon Hall of Fame inductees — with snapshots of each of the 13 honorees, an insightful essay by Jeremy Bagai on the class, a description by Karen Davis of […]

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