Opening Concepts and Endgame Technique


Opening concepts & endgame technique Reviewed by John O’Hagan Japan’s Michihito (Michy) Kageyama and England’s Roland Herrera are the co-authors of two new backgammon books. Opening Concepts and Endgame Technique are books one and two in what they call the Backgammon Odyssey series. Both books feature the cartoon character “Nono.” There are lots of drawings in […]

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Ultimate Backgammon Championship


Ultimate Backgammon Championship Masayuki Mochizuki (Mochy) just won the Ultimate Backgammon Championship, sponsored by Back- gammon Galaxy, against Sander Lyloff! It was a specially arranged series of matches to determine the best player in the world. Mochy has been regarded as the best player in the world for most of the last 10 years and had […]

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Eli Karp New Kid on the Board

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 9.49.59 PM

Eli Karp  New Kid on the Board By Candace Mayeron Eli Karp of New Orleans is all of 18 years old.  He stands 5’8″ and weighs 150 pounds, plays the violin and looks like a strong wind would blow him over.  He lives with his mother he’s not at school. But this kid might just be […]

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2019 Los Angeles Open

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 1.45.14 PM

  2019 Los Angeles Open   There is always something special at a Los Angeles tournament, and the 2019 Los Angeles Open was jammed with special events in addition to stellar backgammon. The tournament began with an evening at Hollywood’s iconic Magic Castle, hosted by backgammon’s own Mathemagician Art Benjamin—a professional for over 30 years. (Art […]

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President’s Column: Continuous Innovation Copy

Karen Davis

The hallmark of a thriving organization is its ability to continue to innovate, building on what works and charting new ground. I’m delighted to announce that the U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) will be aided in this quest by the addition of John Pirner, CEO of Gammon Stuff, to our Board of Directors. John is a […]

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President’s Column: Salute to our Sponsors


By Karen Davis, President and Executive Director The U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) will celebrate our tenth anniversary at the end of 2019. It is an appropriate time to review how much the organization has benefited from the support of our founding Sponsors, Prime Benefactors, Educational Sponsors, and Corporate Sponsors. Their early support was critical to the success […]

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Art Benjamin: USBGF Board of Directors and TED Talk Mathemagician


By Karen Davis Art Benjamin, a member of the USBGF Board of Directors since 2011, has made a video called Counting Magic: Handy Mental Shortcuts to Improve your Game. This lecture was originally presented at the 2018 Michigan Summer Championships and then taped at the 2018 Silicon Valley Open. It provides simple math tricks for counting, […]

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Ray’s Instant Replays: Cracking The Re-Whip in San Jose


Instant replays enhance sports viewing immeasurably. They are also now used to determine the right call by game officials at crucial moments of a contest. I think I can expand my horizons a little here and apply that concept to Backgammon Tournaments. Smart phones, live streaming, and recording stations proliferate the scene nowadays. As a […]

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Socrates knew a thing or two – OLM the USBGF Member Benefit you never heard of!

“what is the meaning of life?” “When do you leave your anchor?” “On the Final Roll do you double from 2 away 4 away with 2 on the deuce?” Questions that would do Socrates proud.  The Socratic Method – Question, Answer, Debate, Learn! [The is MSA (Member Services Announcement) #1, the first in a series […]

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Simborg Video Lesson: The Rule of Four


USBGF Teaching Pro Phil Simborg explains the Rule of Four and how using the formula will help you make a decision about doubling. Featured content exclusively for USBGF Premium, Youth, & Basic Members.

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