2022 Women’s Online World Championship

Play begins on May 8th!

Players participate in three exciting competitions at once! In addition to a shot at the online world title, the winner of the Americas region will be crowned the 2022 USBGF Women’s Online National Champion! Other top performers in the Americas region will also be invited to compete on the USBGF Women’s National Team.


Phase One: Five Rounds of Swiss System Format (America Region)

  • All matches will be against opponents from the same region. 33%, rounded up, of the players from each region will qualify for the Final Phase.
  • At the conclusion of the five rounds, all players that have a 5-0 or 4-1 record will qualify for the Final Phase.
  • In addition, all players that finish 3-2 will be eligible to qualify for the Final Phase based on PR.
  • To determine how many qualify from each region take the total number of participants and divide by 3 and round up. For example: with 29 players from a region, 10 would qualify (29/3=9.67, which rounds up to 10).
  • If, in qualifying, there were 6 players that finished 5-0 or 4-1, four of the 3-2 players would be selected based on the lowest PR’s.
  • If, after counting the qualifiers for all regions, the number of qualifiers is an odd number, one more player will be added to the Final Phase.
  • That player will be determined by examining all the 3-2 players from the entire field that failed to qualify and taking the one with the lowest PR.

Final Phase: Two-Loss Swiss System play combining all regions

More Details:

  • Women in Backgammon is a sponsor providing $500 added money!
  • 13 Point Matches; Clock 26min, 10 sec delay
  • Played on Backgammon Studio Heroes
  • Entry fee: 30 Euro ( 500 Euro added money!!)
  • Start of qualifiers is 8th May 2022
  • Tournament Director: Joseph Russell!
  • The tournament is a cooperation by WBGF and WBIF!
  • Please review the WBIF Rules and Frequent Asked Questions on the WBIF website

Americas/USBGF National Champion Title: The American woman that is a USBGF member that goes the farthest in the World Championship will be the USBGF’s Women’s National Champion.  If two or more ties for this honor, a playoff system will be devised after the conclusion of the World Championship to determine the USBGF’s Women’s National Champion.

USBGF Women’s National Team: The top six finishers (determined by a playoff, if necessary) as well as the two lowest overall PR (must play a minimum of four matches for PR consideration) American USBGF members will qualify to compete as the USBGF’s National Women’s Team.

Contact Tournament Director, Joe Russell for more information.


$500 added money provided by Women in Backgammon


This event is in partnership with the WBIF. Learn more here



May 08 - 15 2022

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 08 - 15 2022

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