Last Checker Premium

It might seem clear here to play 19/16, 18/16 to block White’s sixes from her 16-pt. That is the obvious move, and it is what was played over the bo…

Complex Back Game

Back games can be horrendously difficult and this one certainly isn’t easy.

Too Many Choices

There are a huge number of possible moves with Red’s double threes as there often are with small doubles.

Monte Carlo

This position is taken from Steiger (Red) versus Magriel (White) at Monte Carlo 1985.

Small Margins

This is a tricky position. I think if you play on automatic you will choose 24/22, 16/11.

Pick a Game Plan

Small numbers often cause a problem in backgammon because they give you so much choice.

Complex DMP

This is not an easy problem and finding the best plan, particularly over the board in live play, even more so.