When in Doubt

This game is in its infancy and the game plans for both players have yet to be defined.


Like an army, backgammon checkers work better when the soldiers are in communication with each other.

Every Play Matters

Backgammon is difficult for many reasons but one of them is that every play matters, and to play well you have to concentrate throughout the game.

Early Thinking

It looks as if both players have started with a 42 and Red now has another 42 to play. However, a closer look establishes that is not quite the case a…

Third Roll Question

This position arises after Red opens 21 played 13/11, 6/5 and White responds with 66 and makes both bar points. How should Red play this 42?

Third Roll Conundrum

A simple third roll position that the best five players in France managed to get wrong last week at the World Team Championships!

Early Game Decision

Once your opponent has made the 2-pt early in the game it is rarely right to split the back checkers.