Follow the Basics

You cannot play successful backgammon without continually taking balanced risks.

Safety First

There are times in backgammon when you have to play safely, and this is one of them.

Asset versus Race

This is a common opening problem. Should Red hit, if so where, or should he take the asset of the 5-pt?

Early Game Tactics

This is a demonstration that playing safe in the opening is rarely correct.

Stop and Think

Is the fact that Red has his 5-pt made enough to change his play from the standard 24/18, 13/11?

An Early Problem

We can quickly reject 8/2, 6/2 which creates an ugly structure and one that is difficult to put back together again.

An Early Conundrum

It is ever so easy to play bar/24, 13/11 here without thinking. Sadly, that move is a blunder.