Save the Straggler

Can White’s straggler get home quickly often enough to justify taking Red’s very powerful redouble?

Middle Game Double

The race is close but Red leads in Position and Threat. Being ahead in two out of the three key measures would indicate that Red should probably be do…

Bear-Off Reference

You have been lucky enough to hit a shot when White was bearing off. You have closed your home board and White still languishes on the bar. When shoul…

An Unusual Problem

Even a small lead in a long match can have a huge influence on doubling decisions.

A Doubling Problem

When looking at any match play problem you should first seek to determine what the correct action in a money game would be.

Complex Double

A highly volatile position that looks very scary for White but in fact it is a comfortable take.

A Doubling Question

Red has only seventeen numbers that hit White’s blot. Normally that is not enough to warrant a double but is that the case here?

Triple Shot

Not all triple shots generate a double as is ably demonstrated by this position