Bray's Learning Curve

Making the Checkers Work

Unlimited Games. How should Red play 33?
Double Match Point. How should Red play 33?
eXtreme Gammon ID: XGID=--BBCB---a-AA-------bbcDg-:3:-1:1:33:0:0:3:0:10

Answer and Commentary

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Double Match Point. How should Red play 33?

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A simple third roll problem? We should know these, but of course we don’t!

No need to panic so the anti-thematic 6/1* can quickly be discounted.

We need to split but 24/23, 13/9 is also

Should Red hit with bar/24, 11/8* to take a tempo away from White so that it is more difficult to make White’s bar-point?

The alternative is to play this position as a prime-versus-prime