Doubling with a lead

Match Play. Red leads 3-0 to 7. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?
Unlimited Games. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?
eXtreme Gammon ID: XGID=-b---BCCCA--bB-a-cac-b--aA:0:0:1:00:3:0:0:7:10

Answer and Commentary

It is interesting that my doubling problems always get a much poorer response than my checker play problems. Is doubling really that much more difficult?

The correct way to approach this problem is to answer the unlimited games question first. Red is ahead in position, race and threat but White’s structure is sound and importantly the ace-point anchor is in place.

White’s position is no bargain, and I wouldn’t blame anybody for dropping Red’s mandatory double. Technically it is a take but only just.

Should a 3-0 lead in a match to seven deter Red from doubling? Too many players are averse to doubling with a lead but a gammon with the cube on two gives Red the match with no wastage, so White must be wary. Red must double due to the volatility. This time it is an easy take for White because of the match score and the leverage he will have with a possible redouble to four.

So, the position is double/take in both scenarios but the unlimited games one is nearly a drop.

Unlimited Games. Should Red double? If doubled, should White take?

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Red can play a priming or blitzing game. Meanwhile White has a blitzing structure and so any move that splits Red’s back checkers is likely to be wrong and in fact any play that moves a

This is basically a lesson in cube efficiency in match play.

The position is not that volatile and with White having an anchor on Red’s bar-point the game has some way to go. In unlimited