Bray’s Learning Curve: Stop and think

Unlimited Games. How should Red play 62?

2021 - Beginners 38


 Given that Red has the stronger board he can make a bold play so 13/5 is somewhat too passive.

The choice is between the ‘regulation’ 24/18, 13/11 and the more aggressive 13/11, 13/7.

The first play seeks to provoke action around White’s bar-point with the idea of getting another White checker sent back while the latter play seeks to prime White’s rear checker by bringing two checkers off Red’s mid-point into play. That play will also generate return shots if White hits on Red’s bar.

The fact that Red already has his 5-pt made is in his favour in either case.

When I did an initial evaluation on this position XG had a mild preference for 13/11, 137.

However, as you can see from the rollout, the traditional 24/18, 13/11 narrowly wins the day.

The key here is to see that both plays are viable, and also to reject 13/5 as too passive.


Rollout Data from Extreme Gammon


Beginners 38 Rollout

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