Backgammon for Complete Beginners Video Series

Explore this excellent video series on the Ensor42 YouTube channel.
At a Crossroads

Explore this excellent video series from the Ensor42 YouTube channel.

Part 1: Introduction and the Board

Part 2: The Rest of the Kit

Part 3: Basic Moves

Part 4: The Opening Roll

Part 5: Rolling Doubles

Part 6: Blocking and Primes

Part 7: Hitting and Re-entering

Part 8: Dancing

Part 9: Bearoff Basics

Part 10: Playing Through a Bearoff

Part 11: Gammons and Backgammons

Part 12: The Pip Count

Part 13: The Doubling Cube

Part 14: The Doubling Window

Part 15: The Crawford Rule

Part 16: Software Reccomendations

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