• USBGF Lifetime Achievement

Robert Stoller

Robert Stoller Photo
Awarded in 2021
From Anchorage, Alaska

As the USBGF historian, Robert Stoller does the critical work of meticulously cataloging backgammon’s rich history. He helps bring to life notable people, events, and contributors to the development of the game.

He has contributed a wealth of video interviews and articles to PrimeTime Backgammon magazine. This includes conducting video-recorded long-form interviews with the majority of the living inductees into the American Backgammon Hall of Fame and backgammon world champions Lee Genud, Bill Robertie, and Joe Russell. His remembrance of Paul Magriel published in PrimeTime Backgammon is a tribute to the renowned author of Backgammon – still regarded as the “bible” of backgammon.

Robert’s article on the 40-year history of the U.S. Open published in PrimeTime traces the course of this premier event. His in-depth PrimeTime report on Geoffrey Parker Games, gave us a fascinating behind-the-scenes education on how first-class backgammon boards are made. Judging from his own extraordinary backgammon board collection, it was a work of love as well.

He is a generous Diamond Founding Sponsor of the U.S. Backgammon Federation, providing essential funding for creating and preserving information on the American Backgammon Hall of Fame.