• USBGF Lifetime Achievement

Marty Storer

Awarded in 2022
From New Hampshire

Marty Storer is a distinguished world-class player. He is a BMAB Grandmaster Class 1, with a PR rating of 3.19, one of only three Americans to have earned this title. In 2022 he ranked #23 on the Giants of Backgammon list and has been on the list since 2015. He won the inaugural American Backgammon Tour points race in 1993, helped by his victory in the star-studded Boston Open. He was the #40 Giant in 1995. In 1983 he won the Ottawa Open. He won two ABT tournaments in 1994. In 2015 he won the Michigan Summer Championship and the Boston Masters in 2019 and 2022. He was a member of the winning Team USA in the 2020 Magriel Cup. With David Kettler, he was a finalist in the 2020 Tournament of Stars. He is a three-time champion of the New England Backgammon Club.

He is the Executive Editor of PrimeTime. Published four times a year, PrimeTime is considered by many to be the finest game magazine in the world because of its consistent level of quality. Marty has written over 50 keen analytic articles for the magazine since its launch in September 2010. Marty’s editorial roles on behalf of PrimeTime Backgammon include: 2012 – 2016 Features editor for annotated matches; 2017 Deputy Managing Editor; 2018 Managing Editor; 2019 – present Executive Editor. This publication’s readability, attractiveness, and overall high quality reflect his dedicated and talented service. In addition to the articles and position analyses he writes for PrimeTime, Marty co-authored the book What’s Your Game Plan? Backgammon Strategy in the Middle Game, with Mary Hickey in 2011. In 2005 he published Backgammon Praxis, a two-volume analysis of three matches played by Malcolm Davis. In 1980 he published Competitive Backgammon Vol. 2 – A Collection of World Class Games featuring Paul Magriel (with co-authors Mike Labins and Bill Tallmadge). His writing style makes his analysis accessible to players of all skill levels, with an occasional indulgence of humor. He served two terms on the USBGF Board of Directors as Secretary and as a member of its Executive Committee.