• American Backgammon Hall of Fame

Kit Woolsey

Inducted in 2015
From San Francisco, California

Noted bridge and backgammon author, Kit Woolsey is one of backgammon’s leading experts on the doubling cube and tournament play. Kit has been on the vanguard of the computer revolution – writing his own programs for analysis in the early 1980s, and running the First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS), created by Andreas Schneider. He is editor of the first online backgammon magazine GammOnLine (53 issues) on the GammonU website. He is one of only seven players to have been voted onto every Giants of Backgammon listing since its inception. He was inducted into the American Contract Bridge League Hall of Fame in 2005.


  • Voted to the 32 Giants of Backgammon eleven consecutive times.
  • Winner of Backgammon Pro-Am Championship (2005) with Tami Jones.
  • Author of How to Play Tournament Backgammon (1993), New Ideas in Backgammon (1996) with Hal Heinrich, Backgammon Encyclopedia, Vol 1 (2002), Understanding Backgammon (2003) with Tami Jones, 52 Great Backgammon Tips (2007) with Patti Beadles, MatchQiz computer software with Hal Heinrich, among other works.