• American Backgammon Hall of Fame

Danny Kleinman

Inducted in 2016
From Los Angeles, California

Backgammon’s first mathematical theoretician and analyst; Danny Kleinman’s insight, wit, and satire entertained and educated backgammon players for decades. He was a prolific author and a renowned, beloved columnist. Danny was the first to use mathematics to explain correct checker play and cube decisions.


  • Authored Vision Laughs at Counting, Volume 1 and Volume 2 (1980), Meanwhile, Back at the Chouette (1981), Wonderful World of Backgammon (1981), Double-Sixes From the Bar (1982), How Can I Keep From Dancing (1983), Is There Life After Backgammon? (1983), The Dice Conquer All (1984), How Little We Know About Backgammon (1985), The Other Side of Midnight (1986), But Only the Hogs Win Backgammons (1991), A Backgammon Book for Gabriel (1994), and Long Road to Gammon (1995). Co-authored, with Antonio Ortega, Backgammon: Costa Rica 1994 (1996), Cubes and Gammons Near the End of the Match (1997), Jerry Grandell: His Most Important Matches (1999), and Backgammon with the Giants: Neil Kazaross (2001).
  • Wrote three popular columns in the Chicago Point newsletter for a number of years: “Miss Lonelyblots,” “Ask Danny,” and “Shades of Gray”.