• American Backgammon Hall of Fame

Barclay Cooke

Inducted in 2015
From Englewood, New Jersey

Named by Sports Illustrated as “the father of modern backgammon,” Barclay Cooke was renowned for his fairness and generosity and was eulogized by Les Levi as “perhaps backgammon’s most gracious ambassador and eloquent spokesman.”


  • Champion, with his son Walt, of the 1973 British-American Cup.
  • Champion, with Oswald Jacoby, Paul Magriel, and Lee Genud, of the 1979 ITT Telecom U.S.A. vs. Europe match.
  • Six time champion of the Vietor Cup (1963, 1966, 1974, 1979, 1980, 1981).
  • Author of Backgammon: The Cruelest Game (1974) with Jon Bradshaw, Paradoxes and Probabilities (1978), and Championship Backgammon (1980).