Backgammon 101

Are you interested in learning backgammon, but do not know where to begin? Then our Backgammon 101 series is for you! We provide relaxed, easy-to-understand, and interactive sessions on Zoom.  You will learn how to set up the board, how to count shots, basic probability, basic strategy, how to use the doubling cube, and more!    When:  Weekly on Sundays at 6 pm, Eastern  Casual Play Session: 1st and 3rd Sunday  […]

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Felix Goykhman, 2021 Cherry Blossom Championship Division Winner

ABT ONLINE! : CHERRY BLOSSOM BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP ABT ONLINE! April 20-25, 2021; Results from ABTO CHAMPIONSHIP (42): 1-Felix Goykhman (NJ), 2-Boris Dekhtyar (NY), 3-Rune Færevåg (Norway), 4/6-Mitch Evans (FL) / Ray Fogerlund (CA) / Bob Glass (CA); 1C-Mark Ferrin (TX), 2C-Irina Litzenberger (VA), 3C/4C-Wendy Kaplan (IL) / David Rennie (CA). ABTO ADVANCED (27): 1-Jonathan Hardigree […]

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Prime Time BG Spring 2021


NOTE REGARDING THE PRINT ISSUE OF PrimeTime: Problems within the U.S. Postal Service will affect delivery times. Subscribers may not receive their print copies for several weeks. Delivery times may vary. Our Spring 2021 issue features the marathon 2020 Ultimate Backgammon Championship final, played in January: Mochy Mochizuki (perennial Giant of Backgammon #1) vs. relative newcomer Hideaki […]

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Ron Wertheim, 2021 US Open Championship Division Winner

ABT ONLINE! : 2021 US OPEN April 7-11, 2021; CHAMPIONSHIP (ABT) (57+19 rebuys): 1-Ronald Wertheim (NV), 2-Neil Deutsch (NY), 3/4-Irina Litzenberger (VA) / Roberto Litzenberger (VA); 1C-Eduardo Maciel Costa (Brazil), 2C-Steve Bibby (England), 3C/4C-Dan Minardi (CO) / Joe Russell (CA). INTERMEDIATE (ABT) (29+13 rebuys): 1-Allen Chankowsky (Canada), 2-Bonnie Rogoff (OH); 1C-Oliver Israel (NY), 2C-Gregg Trunnell (MN), 3C/4C-Michael […]

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A New Website is Coming!


The new website will be easy to use and help you find more opportunities to play, learn, and connect with other backgammon players.    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash  Connect with Other Backgammon Players   As passionate as we are about the game, we are equally passionate about our community. That’s why the new website will help bring backgammon players together at all times – online!      The USBGF social network will be similar to Facebook but exclusively for backgammon players.   […]

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Women of Backgammon World Champions

The Women of Backgammon group invited the three living female world champions to talk about their experiences at the Monte Carlo World Championship. The three champions are: Lee Genud (1981), Katie Scalamandre (2000) and Akiko Yazawa (2014, 2018). This is the first and only time these women have been together at the same time! Organized […]

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ABT ONLINE! : 22nd MINNESOTA OPEN ABT ONLINE! March 11-14, 2021; DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Corey Smith (MN) & Jeff Willis (MN), 2-Art Benjamin (CA) & Ilia Guzei (WI). FIRESIDE WARMUP (32): 1-Sean Garber (IN), 2-John Everist (SD), 3/4-Edward Onny (CO) / Rory Pascar (IL). MINNESOTA MASTERS (16): 1-Jonah Seewald (CO), 2-Sean Garber (IN). MINNESOTA OPEN (ABT) […]

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Minnesota Open ABT Online! Streaming!

MN Open promo card (4)

The Minnesota Open can be followed live this weekend: Find online brackets on our tournament Challonge page. Commentary of the finals matches of our ABT Open and Masters events will be live on the U.S. Backgammon Federation YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

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ABT ONLINE! : 2021 BOSTON OPEN, February 18-21, 2021; – Preliminary Results from CHAMPIONSHIP (50): 1-Rune Færevåg (Norway), 2-Craig Anderson (IL), 3/7-Jeremy Bagai (CA) / Bob Glass (CA) / Gary Koscielny (FL) / Kristian Mills (Wales) / Ary Nogueira (Brazil). INTERMEDIATE (30): 1- Mark Danburg-Wyld (WA), 2/5-Steve Douglas (MA) / Bob Larsen (NY) / Kurt Peterson (MN) […]

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Introducing the USBGF Online Tournament Series (OTS)


By Richard Munitz The USBGF Online Circuit (OC), along with the website software that manages it and gives players access to their ratings, statistics, and master points, has been a top-tier benefit of USBGF membership since September 2012. During the system’s 8+ years of operation, 663 tournament events have been created, comprised of 879 brackets. […]

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Karen Davis – 2021 Inductee into American Backgammon Hall of Fame

Preferred KD headshot 2006 300dpi (3)

The U.S. Backgammon Federation is pleased to announce the selection of Karen Davis into the American Backgammon Hall of Fame. John Pirner, President/Executive Director of the USBGF, noted, “Karen’s leadership and passion for organized backgammon is an inspiration for everyone who serves with her.  Her greatest legacy to the game is as an organization builder, […]

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