Tara Mendicino

2013Tara MendicinoBOD

Tara Mendicino will serve as Vice-Chair of the Membership and Marketing Committee. Along with Bill Riles, she is co-organizer /co-director for the Texas Backgammon Championships, held in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. She has extensive online tournament directing experience, directing or co-directing well known online tournaments such as the Nation’s Cup with Leonardo Jerkovic, the International Backgammon Championship, and the USBGF Online Circuit.

She has developed numerous backgammon websites and brochures including those for the 38th Backgammon World Championship, International Backgammon Championship, 10th Carolina Invitational, and Texas Backgammon Championships. She also works with the IPATT Group and maintains their websites, assists with product marketing and placement, and performs their graphics design requirements. Tara has worked in the residential and commercial real estate industry in San Antonio, Texas since 1993.