2021 Local Club Tournament of Champions

Congratulations to Steve Sax, winner of the 2021 Local Club Tournament of Champions! The 2021 Local Club Tournament of Champions was held on the new USBGF Online Tournament Series.  26 USBGF Prime Club champions were selected to represent their club in this event. Steve Sax beat Frank Raposa in the 17-point final match.
For more information about this tourney and other online events go to http://usbgf.org/usbgf-online-tournament-series/


  1. Nice work Steve

  2. Jacques Stambouli says:


  3. Way to go Steve! You make us proud at Gammon Associates, to be our entry into the LC Tournament of Champions. And you make us better via your playing with us in our weekly G/A club tournaments. Congratulations.,

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