Watch the Paul Magriel Tribute Video

Please enjoy the Paul Magriel Memorial – Tribute to the Father of Modern Backgammon by Robert Wachtel

Robert Wachtel

Robert Wachtel

The video was produced and funded by the Paul Magriel Memorial Committee including members Blake Fleetwood, Perry Gartner, Phil Simborg, and Mike Svobodny. A list of contributors may be found on PayPal donations may be made to the account Robert Wachtel (pictured) wrote and narrated the script. Daniel Barre of Realist Films was the videographer, editor, and director.

The video was conceived for and used in a condensed version at the Paul Magriel Memorial Tribute on July 31, 2018, during the Backgammon World Championship in Monte Carlo. A complete film of the entire Monte Carlo tribute will be available for viewing in September.

Many thanks to all for this wonderful memorial of the father of modern backgammon!





  1. Kevin Finch says:

    Really nicely done. I suspect that Bob and I are roughly the same age and so I particularly appreciated the introduction which evoked the cultural currents of the sixties, seventies and early eighties. He captures the genesis of early modern backgammon perfectly.

    I never met Magriel but like thousands of other people around the world – and I suspect like all of the older top players (of whom I am most definitely not among) – his book was the thing that hooked me on the game. There would have been no modern backgammon without him.

    It is appropriate that all cultures honor their heroes and if you play backgammon Paul Magriel is the biggest one out there. So, again, well done … and thanks.

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