USBGF Sponsors Joint Math Meetings Backgammon Event

BenjaminArt-FinneranBill - 2014 Joint Math 017About 50 attendees at the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore on January 17 turned out to play, watch, or learn backgammon at the Backgammon Social Event sponsored by the U.S. Backgammon Federation. The event was planned by Harvey Mudd College mathematics professor and USBGF Board member Arthur Benjamin. mathematics professor at Howard Community College and USBGF OLM Editor Jason Lee, and USBGF Chairman of the Board of Directors Karen Davis.  Benjamin, Lee, Davis, and DC-area players including Ed O’Laughlin, Bill Finneran, Mike Lauzon, and Eva Mitter worked with groups of math professors and graduate students at different skill levels ranging from those playing for the first time to competitive players. It was designed to highlight the math aspects of backgammon and recruit more college students and professors to the game, including participation in the annual USBGF Online Collegiate Championship. Conference attendee Matt Lehman from the University of Massachusetts in Boston had this to say. “It was a lot of fun. I got to play a lot of people at my skill level. Backgammon is a fun, social game. The games are fast and you can talk. Especially enjoyable at the end of a long conference.”


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