Gerry Tansey – USBGF Pʟᴀʏᴇʀ Pʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ

Gerry Tansey

Gerry Tansey

[This is the first in a series of 22 Player Profiles for the USBGF representatives of their local clubs in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships.  We will be posting one profile per day throughout the course of the tournament as a way of recognizing the USBGF players and promoting their local clubs.]

Although Gerry Tansey has been the Player of the Year in St. Louis for three straight years, he has never won an ABT main event.  Oh sure, he did win the 2017 Backgammon Olympiad and the 2013 Land of Lincoln Masters.  He’s also finished 2nd in a couple of main events, and he’s been among the top ten scorers in the world on Mochy’s Proficiency Test.  But.  Not.  One.  ABT.  Win.

It’s almost as though he’s trying not to win.  Case in point:  Gerry chose to start out the 2015 Chicago Open by winning his first seven matches.  He then proceeded to lose his next four matches to finish out of the money.  To commemorate this epic collapse, Gerry bought the backgammon board that he uses to this day.  Really, who does that?

When he’s not playing backgammon on Tuesday nights, Gerry likes to play trivia…on Tuesday nights…in the same bar.  He doesn’t take a prize in that contest either, even though he does often outscore the rest of the bar.  We think he’s allergic to money.

Points of Interest:

Home Club: St. Louis Backgammon Club (

Winner 2013 Lincoln Masters at the Illinois State Championships

USBGF Nemesis  (no USBGF wins): Rory Pascar

USBGF Plaything  (no USBGF losses): John O’Hagan

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