USBGF Online Tournament Circuit Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for launch of the U.S. Backgammon Federation Online Tournament Circuit. These tournaments are open to all USBGF members — including Premium, Youth, and Associate members and both U.S. and international members. Trophies, certificates, recognition on the USBGF website, page, and PrimeTime Backgammon magazine, await winning participants. All players can follow their progress and bragging rights on the new USBGF Online Tournament Ratings System. The easy-to-use USBGF Tournament System and Online Tournament Circuit have been designed and implemented by Tournament Systems Coordinator Tara Mendicino

Make sure your USBGF membership is up-to-date so you’ll be ready to go. Or if you haven’t joined yet, don’t delay: All matches will be played on GridGammon, so you’ll also need a GridGammon nickname. USBGF members may request an account from including the information listed on the USBGF website FAQs.


Planned Online Events

  • The USBGF National Internet Championship — one of the biggest and most exciting online tournaments — will begin in early September 2012. Entry is free to all USBGF members (Premium, Youth, Associate). The first phase consists of a rolling series of 8-person qualifying brackets for each of three divisions: Intermediate, Advanced, and Open. The winners of qualifying brackets will play off in a second phase single elimination tournament for each Division. This event will be directed by Joe Russell and Justin Nunez, Details coming soon.
  • Monthly Online Tournaments
  • Special USBGF online events such as Women’s championship, Senior’s championship, Collegiate/Youth championship.

USBGF Tournament System:

  • Players register online on the site. Members must be logged in to register. If needed, USBGF Usernames may be requested from If not currently an active member join or renew at:
  • Players separately need a GridGammon account/nickname to play online matches. These may be requested from by submitting the information listed on the USBGF website FAQs:
  • Players will be automatically notified of their opponent and e-mail their opponent to arrange a playing time using the USBGF Tournament System. Several times should be offered.
  • Winners report their results using the USBGF Tournament System.
  • The USBGF Tournament System provides lists of registered players for open brackets and drawsheets.
  • Check out the International Backgammon Championship qualifiers currently underway to see how the system works:

USBGF Online Rating System:

  • A new USBGF Online Rating System provides real time Elo ratings and Win/Loss stats for all Members.  This is a work in progress which we will continuously expand and improve. Suggestions from players are invited and may be sent to
  • Players who have participated in the USBGF International Backgammon Championship qualifiers will have an initial Elo rating based on their GridGammon rating as of August 26 and USBGF-sponsored online event performance from August 26th onward. Other players will be asked to submit their GridGammon Elo rating as they register for the National Internet Championship. For these players, the initial USBGF Elo rating will be based on GridGammon ratings with Experience Points of 0:
    • Players with GG ratings <= 1549 will be set at 1500
    • Players with GG ratings > 1549 and < 1650 will be set at 1600
    • Players with GG ratings > 1649 and < 1750 will be set at 1700
    • Players with GG ratings >= 1750 will be set at 1800.
    • Players without a GG rating will start at 1500.
    • Those who elect to use their existing GridGammon ratings will have their Experience Points set to 400 and will not utilize the “ramp up” time.  Those who wish to start from a clean slate of 1500 and zero Experience, will be on the “ramp” until they reach 400 match points played.  For more information regarding the FIBS rating system, please see:
    • Players should expect substantial volatility in their ratings until at least 400 Experience Points are gained.
  • A USBGF Online Leader Board will include Elo rating and Win/Loss record of all players in USBGF-sponsored online events who are active members. The Elo rating and Win/Loss Record of the top ten ranked players for each Division will be publicized on the USBGF Facebook site and included in bi-monthly issues of PrimeTime Backgammon.

The USBGF and tournament directors reserve the right to make modifications to the tournament design as well as the right to exclude participation with no reason required.

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