USBGF Online Team Championship Now Open for Registration!!

Directors: Joe Russell and Tara Mendicino
It is with great pleasure that the U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) presents the Inaugural USBGF Online Team Championship! The registration desk is now open. So Captains, mark your calendars, read and understand the terms of contest spelled out below, and enter your five-player Team Registration as soon as possible, and in any event no later than May 19, 2013. Captains should visit the USBGF Online Circuit Tournament Calendar at Online Circuit Tournament Calendar and select from the list of available Online Team Championship Qualifiers currently in registration. Qualifying brackets of 8 will commence as soon as 8 teams are registered; up to 16 brackets will be offered. Winners of brackets will be fed into a single elimination Playoff commencing July 1.
Entry for the USBGF Online Team Championship is free. All players must be Premium or Youth members of the USBGF. Medals will be awarded to the first place team and certificates will be awarded to players of the top four teams at the Carolina Invitational Backgammon Championships on September 1, 2013 in Charlotte. Points will be awarded based on number of matches won, with medals going to the best performing team on the basis of points. In addition, medals will go to the team without a Giant of Backgammon that goes the furthest. Photos of winning team players will be featured on the USBGF Hall of Fame website page and the September-October 2013 third anniversary special issue of PrimeTime Backgammon electronic magazine.
There are just a handful of easy hoops that each player, five-person team, and captain must jump through to qualify for this event. You won’t find more fun, prestige, and recognition anywhere else!
Tournament Staff
Directors & Ruling Committee
Co-Director: Joe Russell ez2bcubed
Co-Director: Tara Mendicino temsat
Coordinator: Kathy Weiner PROCalKat
Tournament Ruling Committee: Joe Russell, Tara Mendicino, and Kathy Weiner
The tournament directors reserve the right to make modifications to the tournament design as well as the right to exclude participation with no reason required.
Team Registration Procedure
USBGF Online Circuit Players Database
All players, including the Captain, must be pre-registered in the USBGF Online Circuit Players Database prior to team registration. If you and your team members have previously played in any of our Online Circuit events, then you are already registered in our Players Database and may proceed to register for any available Qualifier. Those players who need to pre-register in the USBGF Online Circuit Players Database, may do so here: Online Circuit Registration.
Captain’s Responsibilities
Only the designated Team Captain may create a new team, register himself, and register his teammates. Captains should include: 1) the name of their team; 2) the names of their five players; and 3) their position on the team (positions #1, #2, #3, #4, #5). No person not included in the Team Registration may substitute for, or replace, an original team member once the tournament begins. No changes may be made to the team once the team is registered. The Captain may be a playing team member, or may opt to sit on the sidelines and not to be one of the five team members but must be registered in the USBGF Online Circuit.
Player & Team Qualification
USBGF Premium and Youth Members
The tournament is open to all USBGF Premium and Youth members whether they reside in the U.S. or other countries. Premium membership is $40 for a one year membership (or $100 for a three year membership) and $15 for Youth age 25 and under. If you are not yet a member or your membership has lapsed, please visit and have your PayPal account information or credit card handy.
Team members do not have to belong to the same local club or live in the same geographic area, but can be composed from any five USBGF members registered in the USBGF Online Circuit (see Online Circuit Leaderboard). Captains should obtain consent of team members to be on the team — with the exception of players drawn from the Player Pool list. Players are welcome to add themselves to the list of available players who wish to participate in any of our Online Team Championship Qualifiers and be registered by other Team Captains who may need additional players to complete their teams. A link to the Player Pool for any Qualifier may be found on the respective tournament’s Registration page.
Maximum of 2 Top 32 Giants of Backgammon
No more than two players on the top 32 Giants of Backgammon list in 2011 may play on a team. Players who aren’t able to form a five-player team or aren’t invited by a captain for a five-player team but want to participate in the event should enter their name in the player pool viewable on the Registration page to be selected by Captains filling out their five-person teams. Captains do not need to obtain permission of players in the player pool to add them to their team.
Team Tournament Format
Qualifiers & Championship Playoff
The format consists of qualifying brackets of 8. Up to 16 qualifiers will be held commencing when the first 8 teams are registered. Entry to the tournament will close when all 16 qualifying brackets are filled or May 19, whichever occurs first. If space in qualifying brackets is still available, teams losing before May 19 may re-enter one additional time.
Winners of the 16 brackets of 8 are automatically fed into a playoff bracket which will commence July 1. Match lengths will be 11 points within the 8-team brackets, but increase to 13 points in the semi-finals and 15 in the finals of the playoff bracket.
The match ups within each contest will be determined by position. For example, player #1 from Team A plays player #1 from Team B, and so forth. The positions for each team must be indicated by the Team Captain in the Team Registration and may not be changed once the registration is entered. In addition, the qualifying brackets of 8 and Playoff draw will seed teams based upon the Online Circuit Elo rating of the player at Position #1.
Teams must complete the full set of 5-player matches for every round. Teams accumulate points toward an award for best performing team: 1 point for every match won, and zero points for every match lost. The team with the most points will also receive Medals.
Match Scheduling & Round Deadlines
Schedule Matches via the Schedule Match Form
Players will be e-mailed when their opponent has been selected and should schedule their match using the USBGF Online Tournament Circuit system. Matches must be completed within two weeks. No extensions will be granted. Messages should suggest several reasonable dates and times that you are available to play. And it is recommended that times be stated in terms of GGT (GridGammon Time), which is the same as EST (Eastern Standard Time). A GGT clock can be found in the lower right corner of the GridGammon Lobby screen.
Online Venue
GridGammon Backgammon Server
GridGammon will be the online venue for this tournament. Team players should get FREE GridGammon players accounts, simply fill out our GridGammon New Account Request Form and submit to GridGammon. It might take a few days to receive a reply with your password. Once you have your nickname and password, you can download the FREE software at If it is your first time playing on GridGammon, it is recommended that you play a few matches before the start of the tournament to familiarize yourself with the controls and the graphics. Please feel free to contact any of the Directors for a FREE GridGammon tutorial. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this!
Match Reporting & Match Logs
Winners Report via the Report Win Form
Winners of matches should use the Report Win form in the USBGF Online Tournament Circuit system to report match results. Players should save their matches and upload the match file when reporting match results. Player participation in this tournament implies full consent of the USBGF to make match files available to its members for download from the USBGF website or analyze for USBGF publication.
Prizes & Points Contest
Each member of the winning team will be awarded a medal and certificates will be awarded to players of the top four teams. In addition, the team without a top 32 Giant of Backgammon that goes the furthest will receive Medals. The team with the most points will also receive Medals. An awards ceremony will be held at the Carolina Invitational Backgammon Championships on September 1, 2013 in Charlotte for those planning to attend that event. Otherwise certificates will be e-mailed and medals sent by snail-mail! Photos of winning team players will be featured on the USBGF Hall of Fame website page and the September-October 2013 third anniversary special issue of PrimeTime Backgammon electronic magazine.

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