USBGF Members Ratify Tournament Rules

I’m delighted to let you know that USBGF members have ratified the 2018 Tournament Rules with 81% voting in favor of adoption. As the Board agreed, these are now the official USBGF Tournament Rules, and will be required for use at all tournaments on the American Backgammon Tour beginning in 2018, with a limited set of rules options available to tournament directors who provide advance notice. The Rules may also be used by tournament directors at their option in 2017. The Rules are recommended for use by all clubs and players in the USA. Links to the pertinent documents are below:
  USBGF 2018 Tournament Rules
  2018 Tournament Rules Options
  Public Comment Summary
We especially appreciate the partnership of the USBGF Tournament Advisory Committee chaired by Jeb Horton and including Ken Bame, Ted Chee, Carol Joy Cole, Dennis Culpepper, Patrick Gibson, April Kennedy, Troy Longman, and Kathy Weiner. Their feedback and assistance were critical in putting forward a revised Rules set that has proven to be acceptable to the backgammon community.

Obviously, no set of rules for tournament backgammon can possibly be developed such that every person will like every rule. However, the open and transparent process including a 30-day period of public comment and ratification by the members has gone a long way to achieving acceptance and legitimacy as a community consensus rule set.
We are committed to continuing to engage directors and players, with an open mind, regarding potential future revisions to these Rules. We will monitor the effectiveness and difficulties of various rules and consider adjustments based on the evidence. Let us know what is working and what is not, along with any other suggestions you may have. The goal is to make tournament backgammon manageable for the directors and enjoyable for the players. Together, we have taken a major step in that direction.
Thank you to everyone who voted and contributed ideas that helped shape this decision and to those who worked diligently to see that all ideas were carefully considered..
Best regards,

Joseph Russell
Chairman, Board of Directors
U.S. Backgammon Federation

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