USBGF Live Streaming Sponsor — Backgammon World Championship in Monte Carlo 

The U.S. Backgammon Federation (USBGF) is pleased to announce that it is a Live Streaming Sponsor of the 42nd Backgammon World Championship. It has acquired a new state-of-the-art computer laptop to provide quality streaming of matches between the world’s Giants of Backgammon and elite players. This new capability will reach thousands of viewers on Twitch. It provides an opportunity for players at all levels to enjoy watching the finest level of play, and to improve their game by studying the matches of the best of the best under intense competitive pressure.

The use of the new streaming capability will be kicked off this summer July 30-August 6 at the 42nd Backgammon World Championships. More details on the USBGF streaming sponsorship is available here. As an example, Live Stream 1 on Twitch can be viewed here.
The new enhanced streaming capability will also be made available to select USBGF Prime Tournaments on an on-going basis.
We hope those enjoying the streaming will show their appreciation by donating to the U.S. Backgammon Foundation Streaming Fund PayPal account, as well as by joining the U.S. Backgammon Federation or renewing membership.

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