USBGF GammonSite Membership Promotion

The USBGF is offering a new Premium membership promotion through February 28, 2017 including a one-year GammonSite account with their USBGF membership. We will make the promotion available to all new and/or renewing Premium members who have acted since November 20, 2016.

GammonSite is an excellent backgammon server developed and operated by Xavier and Michelle Dufaure de Citres, the developers of the eXtreme Gammon software. Individuals can establish accounts on GammonSite and begin play immediately. GammonSite is an approved server for playing USBGF Online Circuit tournament matches. Feedback from USBGF members on Online Circuit matches previously played on GammonSite has been most positive. 

Members eligible for this USBGF membership GammonSite promotion include new Premium members, existing Premium members who renew or extend their memberships, and Founding Sponsors. Eligible members can go to the GammonSite website to register for their one-year membership — a USBGF membership tab is present. Existing GammonSite members can redeem their membership from Gammonsite members.

We hope this promotion accomplishes several objectives. The USBGF always seeks new members to grow and promote backgammon. The promotion provides USBGF members an introduction to an excellent backgammon server, directly associated with eXtreme Gammon software, which promises much improved customer service and outstanding features and graphics. The promotion allows all members to immediately establish an account and begin play.

Join the USBGF now, or renew your membership now, to take advantage of this unique opportunity provided by the USBGF and GammonSite. One may join the USBGF on-line or contact any USBGF Board of Directors member for information and assistance.

Additionally, every USBGF member, including those not eligible for this one-year free GammonSite membership promotion, may obtain a special USBGF discounted GammonSite membership on their own at the USBGF tab at GammonSite.

The USBGF would like to express our appreciation to GameSite 2000 Ltd. for their cooperation and contribution in making this membership promotion and membership discount available to our members.

Important Note: The USBGF Online Circuit tournament system utilizes a single username per member. Members playing on more than one approved server should match their usernames as closely as possible on each server to facilitate player and opponent recognition. Please observe this request to minimize unnecessary complications.

Happy new year to you and your families!

Regards and best wishes,

Bill Riles
President and Executive Director
U.S. Backgammon Federation


  1. This promo still in effect?

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