USBGF Federation Cup


The first USBGF Federation Cup tournament has been a terrific success, with Jeb Horton winning after overcoming David Kettler in a nail-biting final match of 21-20. Finishing 3/4 were Peter Wisniewski and Peggy Neubig. Congratulations to all who entered.

This free entry tournament is open to all USBGF members – including Premium, Youth, and Basic members and both U.S. and international members, who must win a 32-player qualifier bracket in order to obtain a place in the Playoff. The format consists of 17 point matches in the opening rounds. The single-elimination playoffs match lengths increase to 19 points in the semi-final and 21 points in the Federation Cup final.


  1. David Eadie says:

    Congratulations Jeb!

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