USBGF Board of Directors Unanimously Endorses Legal Moves

The. U.S. Backgammon Federation Board of Directors unanimously endorses the principle of Legal Moves in all tournament play. The Board believes the principle of Legal Moves is consistent with our mission statement, fosters the growth and enjoyment of backgammon with on-line and recreational players, makes live tournament play consistent with on-line play, and aligns play in the United States with the vast majority of other national backgammon federations around the globe. Legal Moves presents the best image of a respectable, ethical game — an important objective.

The USBGF will soon define, for the benefit of players and tournament directors, the core concepts of Legal Moves recommended to be observed in tournament play. The USBGF will encourage all players and directors to observe these rules. Further, the USBGF Rules and Ethics Committee will work toward the development of a comprehensive rule set to be endorsed by the Board. Hopefully, the USBGF can work with other national backgammon federations toward a universally accepted rule set. The Board thinks such a rule set is most desirable to facilitate international play and for the promotion and growth of backgammon worldwide.

Bill Riles, President and Executive Director
March 26, 2014

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