USBGF Board of Directors Election Results

The USBGF Board of Directors is pleased to announce the results of the Board of Directors election. We had 110 votes. The Board is pleased with the level of interest and the participation exhibited by the membership. We have promised a more open, transparent, inclusive, and democratic process. We think we have provided that and the membership has responded favorably.

The results are:
Karen Davis 107 votes 97.2%
Rich Munitz 100 votes 90.9%
Neil Kazaross 91 votes 82.7%
Dorn Bishop 91 votes 82.7%
Dennis Culpepper 67 votes 60.9%
Frank Koenen 31 votes 28.1%
John Barnett 17 votes 15.4%

In accordance with the By-Laws, by virtue of being named on at least 50% of the ballots cast, Karen Davis, Rich Munitz, Neil Kazaross, Dorn Bishop, and Dennis Culpepper have been elected to the Board for three-year terms. These five will join Bill Riles, Tara Mendicino, Art Benjamin, Joe Russell, Frank Talbot, Julius High, Marty Storer, and Michelle Steinberg to comprise the USBGF Board of Directors.

We thank retiring Board member Patrick Gibson for his years of service to the USBGF — though no longer on the Board, he will continue to contribute his service and experience to the USBGF.  We congratulate Karen, Rich, Neil, and Dorn on their re-election and welcome Dennis to the Board.

We appreciate the willingness to serve the USBGF demonstrated by all of the candidates. Successful or not, each of them has the skills and the desire to serve which are valuable to the USBGF.  We hope each will continue to contribute.

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