USBGF Added Money for New England Local Club Prime Tournament December 10. Online Inter-Club Champion Wins a Free ABT Entry of Their Choice!

We’re pleased to announce that the U.S Backgammon Federation will provide added money to the New England Monthly Local Club Prime Tournament upcoming December 10. The USBGF is donating $5 per USBGF member to the member who wins or goes the furthest in an annual tournament sponsored by a USBGF Prime Club with 10 or more members. All USBGF members are eligible to compete including those from outside the area. Get in the car and catch it!

2310 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

Questions? Contact: 
Albert Steg 
(617) 417-6743

Winners of local events will receive a fabulous prize — free entry to a USBGF online tournament of all the club winners with the prize being a free entry to an ABT event of the winner’s choice! 
 The USBGF member who goes the furthest will take the added money side pool and represent the New England Backgammon Club in the March 1, 2018 free-roll on-line inter-club USBGF Club Championship. The winner of that event will get a free entry to the ABT event of their choice.
The added money prize pool will be based on all USBGF members who play in the event regardless of primary club affiliation as well as NEBC club members who belong to the USBGF but are unable to attend. You do not have to be a USBGF member to play, but do to be eligible for the added money. You may join or renew your USBGF membership online as well as at the event.  

The winners of USBGF Local Club Prime Tournaments will compete in the USBGF Online Club Championship event with a great prize — a free entry to an ABT tournament of the winner’s choice! This online tournament of winners of the club competitions will begin on March 1. To be eligible for added money and free ABT entry, players must have an active USBGF membership. If you have any questions please contact USBGF Membership Director: Ray Bills.

Check out the USBGF Event Calendar, a listing of upcoming USBGF Local Club Prime tournaments and ABT tournaments. 

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