Update on USBGF Local Club Initiative — Added Money!

The U.S. Backgammon Federation 2019-2020 Local Club Initiative (LCI) is off to a great start! The U.S. Backgammon Federation provides $5 per USBGF member to a prize pool for an annual local club tournament. The USBGF member who wins or goes the furthest is eligible to receive the added money. In addition the winner receives a free entry into an online USBGF Local Club Initiative tournament of other local club winners. The winner of the online event receives a free entry to an ABT tournament of their choice.


The LCI is designed to encourage more USBGF members to play in local club tournaments, and more local club players to join the USBGF. Thirty clubs with eight or more USBGF members are eligible to participate. Five winners have won events to date: Colorado Backgammon Club (Charlie Raichle); Chicago Bar Point Club (Phil Martorelli); Hoosier Backgammon Club (Dave Staggs); and Austin Backgammon Club (Bob Urquhart). Other clubs will be holding events before the deadline of February 28, 2020.
Local club directors have discretion on distribution of added money to participating USBGF members. Visiting USBGF members from other clubs are eligible to receive the prize money. An alternate entrant to the online tournament may be designated if the winner is unable to play. Carl Sorg of the Atlanta Northside Club won the prize in 2019 and elected to use it to enter the 2019 Michigan Summer Classic. Gus Contos of Gammon Associates in Los Angeles won the prize in 2018 and applied it to the 2018 California State tournament entry fee.

Following the event, directors are asked to notify us promptly of the winner, photo of winner, number of players, number of USBGF members playing, and use of added money (e.g. 100% to winner, or split), and who will be playing in the online USBGF Local Club Championship (e.g. alternate if winner not available to play in online tournament). We will publicize the winner and contact the winner regarding participating in the online tournament. Online tournament will be held starting March 1, 2020, and the winner provided with a free entry to ABT tournament/division of choice (check sent to ABT director).

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