Sunday Club Championship Doubles

Sunday Club Championship Doubles

Is your club the best in the nation? Experience an evening of competitive doubles, partner with other members of your local club. A partner is required. The top performing club will be crowned the champion on 7/1/21, then a new 6-month season will start.


Communication: Discord

Play on: Backgammon Studio Heroes

Day/Time: Sundays Bi-Weekly, Starting 1/10/20, All Times CST

Technical Assistance: 12 pm, in the USBGF Doubles Discord – Technical Assistance Voice Channel

Check-in: 12:45 pm Central Time, in the USBGF Doubles – Tournament Room Voice Channel

Play from 1:00 pm until completion


Format: Main & Consolation, 7/5 Point matches



Cost – $50/team (80% return); optional $50/team side pool (90% return)

12-15 Teams | 1st – 50% | 2nd – 25% | 1st Consolation – 25%

16-32 Teams | 1st – 44% | 2nd – 22% | 1st Consolation – 22% | 2nd Consolation – 11%


Players without a local club affiliation should contact Ben to arrange for a partner and club.


Points – Points are totaled by club, with special recognition also going to the top performing individuals.

Club attendance & performance points will be awarded in a method that does not allow a club to win by submitting the most teams. For a full explanation of the point structure see below.


Must have an active USBGF membership to participate.


To Register – Send payment ($50 or $100 with SP) via Venmo to venmo@usbgf.orgIn the Venmo note field include your name, club name, partners name, and a phone number where you can be reached.


Registration Deadline – Sunday 11 am Central Time, Bi-Weekly


Technical Details (Assistance/Coaching Available for Participants)

Players will communicate with their partner and opponents using Discord. Microphones are required. Matches will be played on Backgammon Studio Heroes using the Tournament2 clock settings (2 minutes per point, 12 seconds per move)


Join Discord Here:

Get a backgammon studio heroes account here:


Contact Ben Friesen with any questions –


Point Structure

Base Attendance Points – Each club will receive attendance points based on the largest participation from any club in any week. For example, if 24 clubs participate over the course of the season and one of the clubs has 4 teams participate one week, then all of the clubs will receive 4 points for each week that they participated. These points are then negated each week based on actual participation (see below). Participation per club may be capped halfway through the season to prevent any gaming in order to win the points race.

Participation Adjustment – Each club will lose 1 point per team that they submit each week. For example, if Club A submits 4 teams and Club B submits 2 teams, and the Base attendance points are 4 points per week, then Club A will have 0 total attendance points and Club B will have 2 total attendance points.

Performance Points – 1 point per team will be awarded each week to the placing teams in the same % that the prize pool is paid.


The net result of the Base Attendance Points, Participation Adjustment, and Performance points will, on average, equal the Base Attendance Points value. This is because each teams expected points won per event is 1 (1 point per team is available in the prize pool and each team has an equal chance at earning those points).