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Circuit Monthly for August Qualifier 4 Registered Players
Registration will close Saturday, August 1. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %Circuit Monthly
1Arvel Totendocogammon1650.852 – 167%August
2Carmen Docampo Corraladaggio1519.983 – 175%August
3Charles StearnsChas19571520.181 – 150%August
4Chris Coppadubsrmine1423.390 – 10%August
5HENRY LEBARDChillin777771588.290 – 10%August
6Herman ArzumanAndreas03061493.870 – 10%August
7Igor MoraesIgormoraes1557.361 – 150%August
8Ivan Carrizopeckinpah1542.790 – 10%August
9John Graasjdg1662.560 – 10%August
10Justin Barlebenjbarleben1387.110 – 10%August
11Larry BuckinghamSmokeZilla1529.642 – 167%August
12Manuel Peritonone1647.730 – 10%August
13Mary Morsemmgrm21713.201 – 150%August
14Max McCauleymcduh1470.381 – 150%August
15Paul BarthSolaris441476.770 – 10%August
16Rich SweetmanSweetRolls1706.060 – 10%August
17Roberto Litzenbergercafecafe1827.632 – 167%August
18Tom Courtscappertc1750.294 – 0100%August
19William Duganbillcphil1533.321 – 150%August