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Circuit Monthly for October Qualifier 1 Registered Players
Registration will close Monday, October 7. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %Circuit Monthly
1Akemi Otaakemiota1597.213 – 175%October
2Ama White Owl KhanAmaWhiteOwl1584.091 – 150%October
3Andrew HunterHunts1554.972 – 167%October
4Andrew Selbyselbs1716.132 – 167%October
5Bob StringerBStringer1735.154 – 180%October
6Calin PopescuCalin1474.420 – 10%October
7Christa Soloveychristaxanne1537.050 – 10%October
8curt wilhelmsenthunder19741486.830 – 10%October
9Cynthia Belonogoffcindybel1657.640 – 10%October
10David RennieSayLavee1797.210 – 10%October
11David SeilerSeiler1438.680 – 10%October
12Dawn Strongnone1420.730 – 10%October
13Dennis LutzGobggo1620.321 – 150%October
14Ergin Bayrakebayrak1734.975 – 0100%October
15Eusebio BlascoCountry20071715.011 – 150%October
16Jacques Stamboulimufc4ever1580.790 – 10%October
17James Schothorstschothorst1628.160 – 10%October
18jan cernyanezka1772.192 – 167%October
19kat denisonverandazilla1542.591 – 150%October
20Kerry RempFolding4U1528.591 – 150%October
21Kris Watersnone1597.642 – 167%October
22Long Nguyenlvn1609.090 – 10%October
23Manuel Peritonone1691.113 – 175%October
24Mario Savandorado111687.861 – 150%October
25Michael FlohrMFlohrBG11635.530 – 10%October
26Michael NeaguFoolishBear1850.560 – 10%October
27Ray BillsRayBills1775.600 – 10%October
28Scott Wardsw11111827.320 – 10%October
29Sebastian AdamsHagadol1462.600 – 10%October
30Steven WallerPhinneas1659.941 – 150%October
31Timothy JaxonStrangeLuck1674.850 – 10%October
32Vittorio Venezianivv0312491567.421 – 150%October