Registered Players

USBGF Masters Divisional LXXXVI Registered Players
Registration will close Tuesday, February 12. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %USBGF Masters
1Adam PragerVeganBG1752.840 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
2Andrew Selbyselbs1699.980 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
3Art Benjaminmathemagics1854.875 – 0100%Divisional LXXXVI
4Aubrey BrengelmanPheasant1746.810 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
5Brian Cohenbdarcohen1583.792 – 167%Divisional LXXXVI
6David KettlerSuperDavek1813.813 – 175%Divisional LXXXVI
7Ergin Bayrakebayrak1694.140 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
8Eric Lippincottelippincott1702.350 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
9Erwin HomDITTO1709.181 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
10Eusebio BlascoCountry20071753.041 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
11Eva Zizkovaelza1830.062 – 167%Divisional LXXXVI
12James Schothorstschothorst1656.431 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
13Jim WallaceBeaverjfw1707.080 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
14John GamalielsonTarsTarkus1831.860 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
15John Graasjdg1790.742 – 167%Divisional LXXXVI
16Karen Daviskarendavis1821.974 – 180%Divisional LXXXVI
17Larry Omansilvertaby1688.630 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
18Mario Savandorado111700.350 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
19Michael NeaguFoolishBear1841.572 – 167%Divisional LXXXVI
20Miki LaukkanenMikkaLaukane1898.320 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
21Olga Ivanovaivolga1687.771 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
22Peter WisniewskiPantera1693.250 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
23PJ MacaliPalmerJ1631.841 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
24Ray BillsRayBills1790.651 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
25Rich SweetmanSweetRolls1733.661 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
26Roberto Kenny Litzenbergercafecafe1813.420 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
27Scott Wardsw11111825.190 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
28Steven WallerPhinneas1714.960 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
29Ted Cheetedc1783.920 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI
30Toby Tabetprorising1643.171 – 150%Divisional LXXXVI
31Vittorio Venezianivv0312491643.723 – 175%Divisional LXXXVI
32William LonerganKellyRae1764.430 – 10%Divisional LXXXVI