Registered Players

USBGF Intermediate Divisional XLVII Registered Players
Registration will close Sunday, August 12. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %USBGF Intermediate
1Aaron FoustNone1610.244 – 0100%Divisional XLVII
2curt wilhelmsenthunder19741452.080 – 10%Divisional XLVII
3Elizabeth LibertymamaLib1469.972 – 167%Divisional XLVII
4Garrett DuquesneMetrogammon1595.993 – 175%Divisional XLVII
5GARY FOXGFox1469.771 – 150%Divisional XLVII
6Genna CowanGenna1516.320 – 10%Divisional XLVII
7Jerry NussbaumDatadog1494.941 – 150%Divisional XLVII
8Konstantin KerestelievbateKosio1482.620 – 10%Divisional XLVII
9Marti LealPeso1462.591 – 150%Divisional XLVII
10Max McCauleymcduh1475.320 – 10%Divisional XLVII
11Sarah Saltus Siddigsarahbibi1456.582 – 167%Divisional XLVII
12Stephanie CochinosCochinos1359.460 – 10%Divisional XLVII
13Timothy DuganTim971031430.080 – 10%Divisional XLVII
14Tom Courtscappertc1597.900 – 10%Divisional XLVII
15Vinson Blantonvinsonblanton1521.131 – 150%Divisional XLVII
16Zarrir ABEDE JR.Curupira1488.440 – 10%Divisional XLVII