Registered Players

USBGF Advanced Divisional L Registered Players
Registration will close Wednesday, April 25. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %USBGF Advanced
1Andreas Grafandrgr1577.861 – 150%Divisional L
2Andrew HunterHunts1582.820 – 10%Divisional L
3bob larsenboblarsen1501.420 – 10%Divisional L
4Carl Blumensteinceebs1622.010 – 10%Divisional L
5Christa Soloveychristaxanne1538.570 – 10%Divisional L
6Dale Smithdkrum1640.324 – 180%Divisional L
7David Hamilldnhamill1541.571 – 150%Divisional L
8David ParksMopUP1624.161 – 150%Divisional L
9DAVID RICHARDSONSuperD1596.512 – 167%Divisional L
10Dennis LutzGobggo1640.730 – 10%Divisional L
11Dennis YandellBogit1485.421 – 150%Divisional L
12Gary ZelmanovicsGaryZ1604.541 – 150%Divisional L
13Genna CowanGenna1521.973 – 175%Divisional L
14James Allenjimmer1598.250 – 10%Divisional L
15Jesse Anderson-LehmanGameOverOX1560.933 – 175%Divisional L
16Jim WallaceBeaverjfw1685.945 – 0100%Divisional L
17Joao Almeidajotafle1469.030 – 10%Divisional L
18kat denisonverandazilla1513.611 – 150%Divisional L
19Kerry RempFolding4U1568.792 – 167%Divisional L
20Kevin Jonesspecul8tor1800.070 – 10%Divisional L
21Lloyd JerauldCazlander1559.270 – 10%Divisional L
22Long Nguyenlvn1580.180 – 10%Divisional L
23Manny Olszynkomannyolszynk1686.182 – 167%Divisional L
24Max McCauleymcduh1482.260 – 10%Divisional L
25Michael RiahiSwedishmojje1531.500 – 10%Divisional L
26Peter Chechelebg581557.920 – 10%Divisional L
27Ray CifaniRayCifani1578.850 – 10%Divisional L
28Richard Stubberickfast1624.042 – 167%Divisional L
29Steven WallerPhinneas1647.260 – 10%Divisional L
30Stuart CohenGackbammon1522.431 – 150%Divisional L
31Ted CetolaDaisyD1376.401 – 150%Divisional L
32vinson blantonvinsonblanton1556.730 – 10%Divisional L