Registered Players

USBGF Advanced Divisional XXXI Registered Players
Registration will close Thursday, February 9. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %USBGF Advanced
1andy nataleandysenior701522.060 – 10%Divisional XXXI
2Ben YamRadiogaga1585.580 – 10%Divisional XXXI
3brian flanaganMrICBM1622.780 – 10%Divisional XXXI
4Carl Blumensteinceebs1622.011 – 150%Divisional XXXI
5Dale Smithdkrum1643.411 – 150%Divisional XXXI
6Dan Wittkoppgandydancer1600.360 – 10%Divisional XXXI
7Don Marekmuffinman1661.405 – 0100%Divisional XXXI
8Eric Stipplernoquitnoqrtr1550.500 – 10%Divisional XXXI
9Gary ZelmanovicsGaryZ1612.760 – 10%Divisional XXXI
10Genna CowanGenna1519.700 – 10%Divisional XXXI
11H.B. Drakehbdrake1523.060 – 10%Divisional XXXI
12Jack Cohenjackmcohen1557.801 – 150%Divisional XXXI
13James Allenjimmer1598.253 – 175%Divisional XXXI
14Jeff SchwarzJeff91576.141 – 150%Divisional XXXI
15Jeremy SherrBinef1580.672 – 167%Divisional XXXI
16John AntakiRumble1578.690 – 10%Divisional XXXI
17Kamil Karaaligalilei1736.472 – 167%Divisional XXXI
18kat denisonverandazilla1597.342 – 167%Divisional XXXI
19Lloyd JerauldCazlander1568.161 – 150%Divisional XXXI
20Long Nguyenlvn1601.821 – 150%Divisional XXXI
21Lynda ClayLulu21592.571 – 150%Divisional XXXI
22Manny Olszynkomannyolszynk1688.331 – 150%Divisional XXXI
23Martin Filipipikomuf1656.504 – 180%Divisional XXXI
24Marty Webermarty1492.840 – 10%Divisional XXXI
25Mary Morsemmgrm21679.310 – 10%Divisional XXXI
26Peggy Neubigredheadedlady1598.903 – 175%Divisional XXXI
27Peter Swartwoutspincycle1625.562 – 167%Divisional XXXI
28PJ MacaliPalmerJ1642.060 – 10%Divisional XXXI
29Ron LewisLewron1511.740 – 10%Divisional XXXI
30Secil Baysalbgbowl1533.180 – 10%Divisional XXXI
31Steven WallerPhinneas1676.170 – 10%Divisional XXXI
32William Duganbillcphil1571.710 – 10%Divisional XXXI