Registered Players

Circuit Monthly for May Registered Players
Registration will close Sunday, May 1. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %Tournament
1Adam PragerVeganBG1774.723 – 175%Circuit Monthly
2Alan Pruceprucea1552.140 – 10%Circuit Monthly
3Alessandro Pettinisssputnik1648.310 – 10%Circuit Monthly
4Alfred Mamletamamlet1914.843 – 175%Circuit Monthly
5Andreas Grafandrgr1577.861 – 150%Circuit Monthly
6Andrew HunterHunts1570.190 – 10%Circuit Monthly
7andy nataleandysenior701522.062 – 167%Circuit Monthly
8antoinette-marie williamsantoinette1680.750 – 10%Circuit Monthly
9Barry SillimanSillyBaz1791.280 – 10%Circuit Monthly
10Ben Owencycleloopy1465.380 – 10%Circuit Monthly
11Ben YamRadiogaga1592.341 – 150%Circuit Monthly
12Bill Riles70cbcht691731.503 – 175%Circuit Monthly
13Bob StringerBStringer1748.145 – 183%Circuit Monthly
14brian flanaganMrICBM1622.781 – 150%Circuit Monthly
15Brian Hoefthighwaymanlv1578.480 – 10%Circuit Monthly
16Bruce Farquharbjfarquhar1722.424 – 180%Circuit Monthly
17Bruce Newbergthenewb1765.951 – 150%Circuit Monthly
18Carl Blumensteinceebs1622.011 – 150%Circuit Monthly
19carlos pulidozeegee1408.300 – 10%Circuit Monthly
20Charles Michalopouloshomerpc1671.841 – 150%Circuit Monthly
21Charles Raichlemasurte1805.611 – 150%Circuit Monthly
22Charles StearnsChas19571520.180 – 10%Circuit Monthly
23Charles Tootszyxtcba1712.251 – 150%Circuit Monthly
24Cynthia Belonogoffcindybel1582.591 – 150%Circuit Monthly
25david giorgadzegoodstrike11615.941 – 150%Circuit Monthly
26David Hamilldnhamill1530.051 – 150%Circuit Monthly
27David KettlerSuperDavek1799.322 – 167%Circuit Monthly
28David ParksMopUP1586.221 – 150%Circuit Monthly
29David RennieSayLavee1740.531 – 150%Circuit Monthly
30Dinçer GÜNEŞdincergunes1509.863 – 175%Circuit Monthly
31Ed SawyerShusaku1533.962 – 167%Circuit Monthly
32edward baudercenturyrider1757.172 – 167%Circuit Monthly
33Ergin Bayrakebayrak1670.010 – 10%Circuit Monthly
34Erwin HomDITTO1678.810 – 10%Circuit Monthly
35Eusebio BlascoCountry20071715.380 – 10%Circuit Monthly
36Forrest FaulkTraumaBG1534.650 – 10%Circuit Monthly
37Gabriel SavanGMS1436.710 – 10%Circuit Monthly
38Gary ZelmanovicsGaryZ1604.541 – 150%Circuit Monthly
39Genna CowanGenna1509.142 – 167%Circuit Monthly
40Grant SchneiderVaGrant11722.841 – 150%Circuit Monthly
41H.B. Drakehbdrake1478.540 – 10%Circuit Monthly
42Harvey GillisSandman1725.150 – 10%Circuit Monthly
43Igor ErovenkoSharikov1757.881 – 150%Circuit Monthly
44Jack Edelsonjackedel1718.140 – 10%Circuit Monthly
45Jack LeProwsejack87101614.881 – 150%Circuit Monthly
46James Allenjimmer1598.250 – 10%Circuit Monthly
47James Olsonjdoclwv1479.070 – 10%Circuit Monthly
48jan cernyanezka1786.333 – 175%Circuit Monthly
49Jason MarshallTurbognome1605.471 – 150%Circuit Monthly
50Jay Robinsonjaygammon2621485.570 – 10%Circuit Monthly
51Jeff LyallOgkush1496.221 – 150%Circuit Monthly
52Jeff SchwarzJeff91582.250 – 10%Circuit Monthly
53Jerry Gettejjjj11715.923 – 175%Circuit Monthly
54Jerry NussbaumDatadog1555.050 – 10%Circuit Monthly
55Jesse Eatonedinablue1739.782 – 167%Circuit Monthly
56Jim WeitthoffJimboPi1601.200 – 10%Circuit Monthly
57John AntakiRumble1563.771 – 150%Circuit Monthly
58John BarnettJBNY1550.370 – 10%Circuit Monthly
59John GamalielsonTarsTarkus1803.182 – 167%Circuit Monthly
60John Graasjdg1662.562 – 167%Circuit Monthly
61John Klein66fromthebar1783.532 – 167%Circuit Monthly
62John ManningJ0hnny1749.260 – 10%Circuit Monthly
63Joseph RussellJRUS1787.920 – 10%Circuit Monthly
64Juliano de souzaBacana1501.880 – 10%Circuit Monthly
65Kamil Karaaligalilei1736.472 – 167%Circuit Monthly
66Karen Daviskarendavis1784.853 – 175%Circuit Monthly
67Karl Wrightkrwcowboy1418.730 – 10%Circuit Monthly
68kat denisonverandazilla1491.892 – 167%Circuit Monthly
69Ken IndartJetGuy1593.630 – 10%Circuit Monthly
70Ken JohnsonInfidel1422.900 – 10%Circuit Monthly
71Ken LarsenUtsira1619.250 – 10%Circuit Monthly
72Kent VinesBigDouble1492.200 – 10%Circuit Monthly
73Kerry RempFolding4U1537.421 – 150%Circuit Monthly
74Kristijan Čuljatkosturko1758.480 – 10%Circuit Monthly
75Larry Brownletsplaydice1629.050 – 10%Circuit Monthly
76Lawrence WilsonLawrencebg1560.970 – 10%Circuit Monthly
77Lloyd JerauldCazlander1551.511 – 150%Circuit Monthly
78Long Nguyenlvn1580.180 – 10%Circuit Monthly
79Lynda ClayLulu21743.850 – 10%Circuit Monthly
80Lynn EhrlichLuckyLynn1639.570 – 10%Circuit Monthly
81Mario Savandorado111654.131 – 150%Circuit Monthly
82Marjoe BriggsJoeBriggs1452.230 – 10%Circuit Monthly
83Martin Filipipikomuf1656.500 – 10%Circuit Monthly
84Martin ZizkaJumbeek1828.333 – 175%Circuit Monthly
85Mary Morsemmgrm21713.201 – 150%Circuit Monthly
86Melvin SmithPdnFull1426.140 – 10%Circuit Monthly
87Michael Farrugiamikelupu1480.421 – 150%Circuit Monthly
88Michael FlohrMFlohrBG11635.532 – 167%Circuit Monthly
89Michael KleinPrimer8881751.420 – 10%Circuit Monthly
90Michele SafersteinMicheleNY1335.170 – 10%Circuit Monthly
91Michelle SteinbergMishyPoo1652.842 – 167%Circuit Monthly
92Mislav KovačićMislav1888.945 – 183%Circuit Monthly
93Nick Blasiernblasier1700.990 – 10%Circuit Monthly
94Nick Saverinochimichanga1478.320 – 10%Circuit Monthly
95Oscar Quirozuplander1437.700 – 10%Circuit Monthly
96Patricia JohnsonPatty1568.210 – 10%Circuit Monthly
97Paul Laubneronerollaway1554.940 – 10%Circuit Monthly
98Paul Nunanpaulvnunan681392.970 – 10%Circuit Monthly
99Peggy Neubigredheadedlady1630.281 – 150%Circuit Monthly
100Peter ToftsoeToftsoe1711.307 – 0100%Circuit Monthly
101PJ MacaliPalmerJ1704.101 – 150%Circuit Monthly
102Rafael Luis Palazzopala531610.560 – 10%Circuit Monthly
103Ralph Desimoneraymond1662.764 – 180%Circuit Monthly
104Raymond KershawTheRake1732.892 – 167%Circuit Monthly
105Rhadames TellezSerDrogon1442.551 – 150%Circuit Monthly
106Richard MunitzZurichMint1827.016 – 186%Circuit Monthly
107Robert FirringBobbo19461459.940 – 10%Circuit Monthly
108Rodryk SchoenfeldRodGammon1636.571 – 150%Circuit Monthly
109Ron LewisLewron1511.742 – 167%Circuit Monthly
110Scott JohnstonScottJ1510.000 – 10%Circuit Monthly
111Scott Wardsw11111763.330 – 10%Circuit Monthly
112Secil Baysalbgbowl1533.181 – 150%Circuit Monthly
113shannon mckinneycaseymck231468.050 – 10%Circuit Monthly
114stephen deepSMD1516.320 – 10%Circuit Monthly
115steven fergusonEnder1476.610 – 10%Circuit Monthly
116Steven WallerPhinneas1652.621 – 150%Circuit Monthly
117Tariq SiddiqiTariqSiddiqi1502.310 – 10%Circuit Monthly
118Ted Cheetedc1807.770 – 10%Circuit Monthly
119Tim Boyd-WilsonKapiti1665.844 – 180%Circuit Monthly
120Toby Tabetprorising1628.282 – 167%Circuit Monthly
121Treena Bouquetreenab1561.111 – 150%Circuit Monthly
122Tsvetan Gagovcecopz1375.540 – 10%Circuit Monthly
123Walter Willbuqmi1485.800 – 10%Circuit Monthly
124Will BatemanOWBIV1314.690 – 10%Circuit Monthly
125William Duganbillcphil1533.320 – 10%Circuit Monthly
126William LonerganKellyRae1784.660 – 10%Circuit Monthly
127Yasuo Mishimajazz261659.270 – 10%Circuit Monthly
128Zdenek ZizkaXZet241840.754 – 180%Circuit Monthly