Registered Players

NIC Intermediate Division Bracket #1 Registered Players
Registration will close Tuesday, December 17. Registered players will be notified via email to review the brackets, find their opponent, and to schedule their match as soon as possible. Tip: You can sort multiple columns simultaneously on the Players list by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third, or even fourth column header.


#NameGG NicknameRatingWin – LossWin %NIC
1David ParksMopUP1638.260 – 10%Intermediate
2Evan Hansenehansen1445.791 – 150%Intermediate
3Ken LarsenUtsira1619.253 – 0100%Intermediate
4Kurt EischellKvrt1509.632 – 167%Intermediate
5Marcela Pelagattiborcor1535.920 – 10%Intermediate
6Scott Butkiscottbutki1408.630 – 10%Intermediate
7shannon mckinneycaseymck231468.050 – 10%Intermediate
8Tom IveyTeaEye1476.621 – 150%Intermediate