Three New USBGF Corporate Sponsors — See How You Can Benefit!

 We’re delighted to let you know that the USBGF has three new corporate sponsors: Gammon Stuff, Cook Travel, and GameSite 2000. These corporate sponsors bring significant benefits to USBGF members – please check them out!
We express our appreciation to these generous sponsors and their leaders – John Pirner, CEO of Gammon Stuff, distributor of FTH backgammon equipment; Nick and Blake Fleetwood with Cook Travel; and Xavier and Michelle Dufaure de Citres, creator of GameSite2000 and its popular products eXtreme Gammon, XG Mobile, and Gammon Site backgammon server. Criteria for corporate sponsorship are shown below. Please contact if your organization would like to become a USBGF corporate sponsor.
Gammon Stuff
Gammon Stuff has offered to provide a free FTH backgammon board set (including cups, cube, precision dice, and travel bag) to all ABT tournaments in 2018 with 100 or more entrants in 2017 (plus the Viking Classic in his home state of Minnesota). 
Two options for award of the backgammon set prize are currently under consideration for discussion with ABT directors:
·         USBGF added money side event – backgammon board set would be added to the “prize pool” for the USBGF added money side event; must be USBGF member to win board and added money
·         A separate FTH/USBGF backgammon board set jackpot side event with the board as a prize and cash second place prize.

FTH will also produce a customized USBGF board with USBGF logo and name which will be listed for sale in the USBGF website BG Shop.
Cook Travel
USBGF member Blake Fleetwood and his son Nick Fleetwood have arranged airline travel discounts for USBGF members of 2-5% on economy tickets and 10-30% on business/first-class tickets on Delta and American domestic flights. 
These discounts are not just for traveling to ABT tournaments or USBGF events. Cook Travel has enabled us to offer airfare discounts for other travel as well. For international tickets costing more than $800, the savings will vary between 10-30%. These discounts are on Turkish Airlines, Delta, American, and Lufthansa.

Cook Travel has been around for more than 40 years and specializes in discounted first and business class travel. Cook has been recommended by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and was an affiliate of American Express for 20 years before becoming independent.
GammonSite 2000 ltd
GammonSite 2000 ltd is the maker of eXtreme Gammon and XG Mobile software and hosts the GammonSite backgammon server. GammonSite 2000 provides a 20% discount to USBGF Premium members for first-time purchase of XG (off list price of $59.95) and $14 annual fee for use of the GammonSite server (discounted from list price of $20) for all USBGF members.
Geoffrey Parker Games
These sponsors join Geoffrey Parker Games. which provides doubling cubes to USBGF Prime Benefactors who support our added money initiative for Prime Tournaments. They also provide a Championship prize backgammon board at select ABT tournaments.
Founding Sponsors receive a doubling cube specially designed by Lawrence Sonné at Backgammon Elegance

The USBGF has ended is corporate sponsor relationship with P-40.
USBGF Corporate Sponsor Criteria

Criteria for USBGF corporate sponsorship include:
Company/organization corporate sponsor is recognized as providing quality products/services
Owners, directors, officers, and management have good reputation/standing in the community
The sponsor does not require an exclusive relationship with the USBGF
The sponsor provides a significant benefit to the USBGF, ABT tournaments, and/or members
These include discounts on goods and services or provision of free goods/services such as backgammon equipment, software, publications, or airline travel/hotel accommodations.

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