The Local Club Initiative Inter-Club Championships. Is. The. Bomb.

Oh Yeah – It’s ON Baby!

Super Bowl – Yawn, Olympics been-there-done-that..

Twenty-two Clubs from across the country played local events with added USBGF money to select representatives to compete in the first annual Inter-Club Championships.  This online tournament will start on March 5 and will be followed closely by the members of the respective clubs via Facebook updates and live streaming.  Look for this space for details on the specific matches as they are scheduled.

Club Representatives: Flint-Dan Wittkopp, Colorado-Myra Gazvoda, BGBB-David Levy, Houston-George Morse, Austin-Nick Blasier, New England-Rich Sweetman, Minnesota-Jeff Spencer, Las Vegas-Joe Apicella, Connecticut-Al Theriault, New York City-Lynn Ehrlich, Indiana-Kevin Heacox, Atlanta Northside-Stuart Domeshek, Orange County-Patrick Keene, Charlotte-Jeb Horton, Northern Virginia-Gary Fries, South Florida-Stacy Turner, Beltway Backgammon-John Klein, Gammon Associates-Gus Contos, Columbus OH-Edwin Jones, Chicago Bar Point-David Stein, Baltimore BG-Ken Indart, St. Louis-Gerry Tansey

The winner of this event is awarded a free entry into the ABT event of their choice, a fancy certificate for their wall, a feature in PrimeTime magazine, the finals match analyzed by Marty Storer and finally – glory for their club and the envy of all!

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