Stuart Domeshek wins the Atlanta North Club Championship Tourney!



Jerry and Anne GodseyStuart Domeshek

{Jerry Godsey receiving recognition) (Stuart on left playing Sally Winter on right)

In addition to winning the USBGF added money Stuart will now represent Atlanta North Backgammon Club in the on-line inter-club championship in March 2018. The winner of that will get a free entry into the ABT tournament of their choice.

Over 20 members and guests attended the Annual Club Awards Party held at the home of retiring club director, Jerry Godsey. The event is to honor the Top 10 finishers in the 2017 Club Point Standings as well as to award the Player of the Year Honors.

Also, at the end a single-elimination tourney is played that involve
the top 16 finishers in the Club Point Standings. The USBGF as part of their Prime Local Club Initiative Campaign donated $5 for each USBGF member in the club for a total of $105 that was used as prizes.

2017 Player of the Year– Di Di
Di Di received a cash prize and plaque recognizing his efforts as 2017 Player of the Year.

2nd Place– Peter Roubicek
3rd Place– Carl Sorg
4th Place– Stuart Domeshek

All players who finished in the Top 10 were awarded silver coins to recognize their efforts. Players who received silver coins were: Di Di, Peter Roubicek, Carl Sorg, Stuart Domeshek, Larry Taylor,
Adrian Costa, Dennis Lutz, Charles Edwards, Jeff Proctor and Firooz Israel.

A gift of appreciation was presented to retiring Club President, Jerry Godsey. Jerry volunteered 10 years of his time building the club into what it is today and he will be missed. Voted into office by members to take Jerry’s place was Jeff Proctor.

Thanks to Larry Taylor for conducting a backgammon quiz that tested the knowledge of all members present. Di Di was the winner of the $60 prize for answering the most checker and cube questions correctly with six correct answers.

Thanks to Adrian Costa who conducted a Calcutta Auction for the 16 players who played in the Club Championship Tourney and generated quite of bit of interest and bidding as the lowest amount bid on any player or group of players was $60.

The 16 players who played in the tourney were: Di Di, Peter Roubicek, Carl Sorg, Stuart Domeshek, Larry Taylor, Adrian Costa, Dennis Lutz, Charles Edwards, Jeff Proctor, Firooz Israel, Paul Teitelbaum, Koray Agirbas, Jerry Godsey, Samra Hadden, Sally Winter and John Sabbagh. Alan Epstein finished in the top 16 but was unable to attend due to a personal committment. He was replaced by John Sabbagh.

Results from the tourney are:

Winner– Stuart Domeshek
Runner-up– Sally Winter
3/4 Place– Carl Sorg and John Sabbagh

There are no 2018 club points awarded for this tourney. Players could enter into a voluntary side pool to make the event more interesting.

A special thanks goes to Jerry and Anne Godsey for letting us invade their home for the afternoon and for their efforts in organizing, shopping and preparing the food for the event. Also, thanks to Stuart Domeshek for providing his grilling expertise for the flank steak.


  1. Well written article by Jeff Proctor.
    Congratulations to Jeff for being elected unanimously as our new club director. Kudos to Jerry Godsey for his leadership in the past 10 years to to make the club what it is today. Thanks to Anne Godsey for hosting us, and also having served all these years as the treasurer of our club. Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club is a vibrant organization composed of diverse group players from around the world. I am proud to be a part of it.

    Firooz Israel

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