Stuart Domeshek – USBGF Player Profile

Stuart Domeshek

Stuart Domeshek

Stu learned to play backgammon while in college and quickly became a competitive player in the Atlanta backgammon scene in the late 1970’s. His time in the US Navy after college (nuclear fast attack submarine officer) and civilian career in technical sales and commercial/business leadership roles kept him away from the game for the next 2+ decades. However, he re-emerged on the Atlanta backgammon scene about 6 years ago, consistently finishing in the top 5 player point count. Stu is a Bronze Level USBGF Sponsor since 2014 and has played in several ABT events including the Texas Backgammon Championships, Cherry Blossom Championship and Carolina Invitational Backgammon Championships.

Stu was the Atlanta Cup Champion during the Atlanta Spring Classic for 2016 and 2017. As the Atlanta backgammon champion for 2017, he looks forward to proudly representing the Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships!
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USBGF Nemesis (never won): Vadim Musaelyan

USBGF Plaything (never lost): Rollow Mickle

[This is the next in a series of 22 Player Profiles for the USBGF representatives of their local clubs in the USBGF Inter-Club Championships. We will be posting one profile per day throughout the course of the tournament as a way of recognizing the USBGF players and promoting their local clubs.]

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