Results: CENTRAL STATES INVITATIONAL (Rosemont, Illinois, March 9-11, 2012)

Jeb Horton CSI Championship winner with Bill Davis, tourney Director. (Photo courtesy of the ABT)

The USBGF extends hearty congratulations to all winners!  These  results are from the Chicago Point.  Complete results can be found at the  Chicago Point website. CHAMPIONSHIP: (49): 1-Jeb Horton (NC), 2-Bill Calton (MI), 3/4-Matt Cohn-Geier (NV) / Keene Marin (WI); 1C-Carter Mattig (IL), 2C-Rachel Rhodes (England); 1LC-Tobias Hellwag (Germany)  ADVANCED (43): 1-Oleg Raygorodsky (IL), 2-Rob Farmer (IL), 3/4-Dan Cramer (MN) / Sue Will (IL); 1C-Vadim Nuniyants (WI), 2C-Jim Opre (IL); 1LC-Don Marek (IL) LIMITED (10): 1-Steven O’Connor (IL), 2-Rich Hallbeck (IL); 1LC-Ken Brown (MO)  GRAND CRYSTAL BEAVER XIV (16): 1-Carter Mattig (IL), 2-Harvey Gillis (WA) ADVANCED JACKPOT (10): 1-Prince Barlow (MI), 2-Ed Zell (IL) 11th BATTLE OF THE SEXES: (32 Men & 8 Women): 1-Steve Hast (PA), 2-Claudia Brown (TX), 3/4-Nora Luna Righter (IL) / Jim Opre (IL) MICROBLITZ (32): 1-Steve Brown (MN) LIAR’S DICE: 1-Ray Fogerlund (NV) DIRECTOR’S TROPHY FOR BEST-DRESSED WOMAN: Nora Luna Righter (IL) DIRECTOR’S TROPHY FOR BEST-DRESSED MAN: Steve Blanchard (IL) MIKE WEINBERGER BOARD FUNDRAISER (8): 1-Don Marek (IL)  TAKI BAKELITE BOARD FUNDRAISER (16): 1-Efim Liberman (IL), 2-Nora Luna Righter (IL).

**$2,000 was raised for the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago! **

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