Results: 4th US BACKGAMMON OPEN, (South San Francisco, California, January 13-16, 2012)

Ted Chee with Tournament Director Chiva Tafazzoli

Ted Chee and Tournament Director Chiva Tafazzoli, Photo by Ken Bame

 The USBGF extends congratulations to all winners listed in these partial results from the Chicago Point. Complete results can be found on the Chicago Point website.

 CHAMPIONSHIP (39): 1-Ted Chee (CA), 2-Patrick Gibson (CA), 3/4-Odis Chenault (CA) / Matvey “Falafel” Natanzon (Israel/USA); 1LC-Jeremy Bagai (CA).  INTERMEDIATE (29): 1-Marv Porten (CA), 2-Mario Savan (CA), 3/4-Mark James (CA) / Dale Rose (CA); 1LC-Jesse Jestadt (CA).  BEGINNER (6): 1-Erwin Hom (CA), 2-Maria Heiner (Brazil/USA).  US MASTERS JACKPOT (16): 1-Matt Cohn-Geier (NV), 2-Justin Nunez (CA). LIMITED JACKPOT (11): 1-Mario Savan (CA), 2-David Dows (CA).  SPEEDGAMMON (32): 1-Ted Chee (CA), 2-Cathal Murray (CA), 3/4-Bill Davis(IL) / Josh Racko (CA).  DMP-KNOCKOUT (16): 1-Stephen Mead (OR).  WBA-BOARD CHALLENGES: CHALLENGE #1 (8): 1-Alberto Marti(Mexico).  CHALLENGE #2 (8): 1-Christian Stoddard (CA).  CHALLENGE #3 (8): 1-Nicholas Dale (OR).  CHALLENGE #4 (8): 1-Greg Merriman (MI).  DOUBLES PRO/AM (12 teams): 1-Eddie Sant’Ana (Brazil/NJ) & Kit Woolsey (CA), 2-Penina Meisels (NM) & Ed Rosenblum (NM).  SPECIAL PLAYER AWARD: Christian Stoddard (CA).  To view other photos from the tournament, visit Ken Bame’s album here:4th SF US OPEN/. Enjoy!

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