Results: 34th Pittsburgh Backgammon Championships, (Pittsburgh, Pa, February 16-19, 2012)

Photo courtesy of the ABT

The USBGF extends congratulations to all winners listed in these partial preliminary results from the Chicago Point. Complete results can be found on the Chicago Point website.

OPEN (49): 1-Grant Schneider (VA) 2-Ed O’Laughlin (VA), 3/4-Steve Hast (PA) / Matvey “Falafel” Natanzon (Israel/USA), 5/8-Paul Berg (MI) / Matt Cohn-Geier (NV) / Tim Mabee (IL) / Mark Gordon (MD), 9/12-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ) / Ray Fogerlund (NV) / Donny Lomuto (NY) / Alfred Mamlet (MD).  ADVANCED (44): 1-Phyllis Shapiro (MO), 2-Neal Weiner (FL), 3/4-Richard Catalano (PA) / Arthur Sutton (NJ); 1C-LEW Webber (VA), 2C-Cengiz Yakut (PA), 3C/4C-Marcy Kossar (CT) /David Settles; 1LC-Roger Abbey (NY).  NOVICE (10): 1-Pam Dodsworth (PA), 2-Stephen Collins (OH); 1C-Joe Davidson (PA), 2C-Robert Hartley (PA).  PITTSBURGH MASTERS (18): 1-Matvey “Falafel” Natanzon (Israel/USA), 2-Ray Fogerlund (NV), 3/4-Harvey Gillis (WA) / Bob Koca (MD).  ADVANCED JACKPOT (10): 1-Jason Lee (MD), 2-Arthur Sutton (NJ), 3/4-Farhad Forudi (OH) / Peggy Neubig (NJ).  THURSDAY 500 (8): 1-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ), 2-Ray Fogerlund (NV).

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