Request for Membership Vote on 2018 USBGF Tournament Rules

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Proposed USBGF 2018 Tournament Rules:

2018 Tournament Rules Options:

Public Comment Summary:

After assessing and incorporating changes received through a public comment period, the USBGF Board of Directors is recommending the 2018 Rules for member ratification and has agreed to abide by the member ratification decision. If ratified, these Rules will be the official USBGF Rules, and will be required for use at all ABT tournaments effective January 1, 2018 (with some Rules Options for directors). We ask all members to vote to indicate your support for, or opposition to, the 2018 Rules during the voting period from August 13 to August 23.

The Rules were developed in partnership with the USBGF Tournament Directors Advisory Committee and have its unanimous support. We would particularly like to thank Jeb Horton (chair), and its members Ken Bame, Ted Chee, Carol Joy Cole, Dennis Culpepper, Patrick Gibson, April Kennedy, Troy Longman, and Kathy Weiner for ensuring that concerns of tournament directors were addressed in the revision. We also thank tournament directors and players who tested the 2016 USBGF Rules and provided us with the benefit of their experience. The final set of Rules have benefited significantly from the thoughtful ideas and suggestions provided by players throughout this process of revision of the 2016 Rules, without which we would not have this final set of Rules that we now recommend for adoption.

Finally, we extend our appreciation to Richard Munitz, Frank Talbot, and Neil Kazaross on the 2017 USBGF Rules Committee, who have led the work in synthesizing and assessing the merits of the extensive comments received from players and directors, as well as preparing the Rules for consideration by the USBGF Board and membership. We also acknowledge a debt to Dorn Bishop, Vice-Chairman of the USBGF Board of Directors, and distinguished members of the backgammon community Chuck Bower, Patrick Gibson, Neil Kazaross, and Kit Woolsey for their work on the initial Rules set.

A widely-adopted, uniform set of rules will help promote fairness and consistency, reduce complexity and confusion, and provide greater comparability of statistical results across tournament experiences. We have built upon and appreciate the leadership of national backgammon federations around the world in moving toward a uniform set of rules. Longer term we will be working with the international backgammon community to further the game we all love.

Joseph Russell
Chairman, Board of Directors
U.S. Backgammon Federation

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