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Hugh Sconyers’ Bearoff 15X15 Equity Database 12-Disk DVD Set

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Order Backgammon Giant Hugh Sconyer’s Backgammon 15×15 & Backgames set of 12 DVDs and improve your over-the-board play and win more end games! The complete set is available for $55 including shipping. Requires Windows XP Home or Professional and a computer DVD drive. Over 50 GB of data! 12-disc set of DVDs includes four databases including exact Bearoff Equities for all bearoff positions in the home board, backgame hit probabilities, Hyper Backgammon equities, and 1-checker race probabilities. The databases include:

Bearoff 15×15 includes equities for 4 cube positions:
No cube
Roller’s cube
Centered cube
Opponent’s cube

47 GB solves approximately 3 BILLION positions, unavailable in any other software.
Backgame 8 provides probabilities of getting hit in backgame positions and displays the best move.
Hyper Backgammon Equities provide exact equities for all positions.
1 Checker Race provides 1-checker race equities. This covers all races of 375 pips or fewer and provides the 4 cube positions for each race.
Use these equities to help decide doubles and takes in backgammon.

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